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Need a Reliable Duct Cleaning Specialist in Melbourne?

You can expect our professionals for the best duct cleaning Melbourne to ensure that your system is well-functioning and is much more efficient after being cleaned. The sanitisation and hygiene are also not to be compromised at all. Our customers have shown positive reviews for our duct cleaning services in Melbourne, of which we boast proudly.
You can avail service by contacting us on (03) 4708 5407.
Cost of Duct cleaning in melbourne varies depending on size of the duct. Omex duct cleaners charge by the square foot or by the vent. Cleaning ducts can cost between $25 to $50 per vent .

Duct Cleaning Services We Offer in Melbourne

Air Ducted Heating Cleaning

Heating and cooling systems are more efficient and this is due to air ducts. However, many people do not take care of them. This leads to collection of dirt. Continuously ignored air ducts can hold dangerous bugs making them a health danger. Regular maintenance is needed to prevent this.

We are Omex Cleaning based in Melbourne that offers professional duct cleaning services. As an experienced team we clean each component of your air handling unit from blowers to evaporator coils as well as ducting. Therefore, in this whole process we make sure that quality indoor air is maintained and systems work at their best allowing you to live in an environment that suits your health needs.

Duct Replacement

Are your ducts soiled or polluted and is it affecting the air quality in your home? If so, do not worry, for you have just found Duct Replacement somewhere! The installation of spic-and-span and efficient duct work will guarantee that an HVAC system provides fresh and healthful air all over the house while on the other hand this will help to save on power which will make your abode even cozier and economical.

Duct Odour Removal

Having clean and attractive indoor areas is important in homes and offices. Uncomfort pining from the ducts can heavily affect the contentment and effectiveness of people. Tackling this matter requires an efficient duct odor elimination procedure. As time goes by dust particles will collect within these channels alongside other substances such as dead rats’ remains which make them produce bad smells besides transmitting communicable diseases through air conditioners’ ducts.

We as a #1 duct cleaning company offers specialized services in professional duct odor removal. In its entirety the cleanup process focuses on smelly sections hence; indoor chamber is made tidier and safer. Rely on us for deodorizing and enhancing earth’s air as you know it.

Floor Duct Cleaning

In buildings, floor ducts are very important for maintaining air circulation at a comfortable level as well as temperature control. Still, dust, remains of building material, allergens and molds easily collect in them. Indoor air quality may be threatened because of exposure to these contaminants especially if they are not taken care of on time. For these reasons regular cleaning service is really an essential measure to take so as to keep your maintenance area free from dust. In our company this is what we do best – offering floor duct cleaning services by qualified personnel who have acquired requisite knowledge over years supported with improved equipment. In case any citizen doesn’t know who to trust when it comes down to managing their HVAC systems better than anyone else! This is because our team uses expertise gained through hands-on experience combined with practical experience as well as modern devices.

Residential Duct Cleaning Services

Effective residential duct cleaning plays a vital role in the promotion and history of the indoor particulate room. This can be attributed to the fact that with time, dust particles, allergens and other types of debris gather around the duct system thus affecting the overall quality of air as well as the efficiency of heating and cooling machines. As such regular duct cleaning is a way of getting rid of these contaminants hence enhancing better air quality within our homes’ interiors while at the same time reducing the chances of sicknesses that could have emanated from having bad ventilation. Professional Melbourne duct cleaners provide thorough services by using modern techniques to clean every bit of dirt from ductworks. By doing so, air flow becomes easier and weather systems’ life is extended making our homes’ environments cleaner and more comfortable.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Enhance your HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality by hiring Omex Cleaning Service to provide all-inclusive commercial duct cleaning solutions. Our experienced team will ensure that your ductwork is free from dust, debris, and allergens using modern methods which guarantees a better environment for your employees or clients. In addition, we have strict procedures for quality assurance that will assist businesses in maintaining peak performance levels of the HVAC systems as they work towards a cleaner and more conducive office space.

Vent Cleaning

Keeping indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency as well as possible requires cleaning your vents. Dust, allergens, and debris build up in the ventilation system over time leading to poor airstreams that could cause high electricity bills. Therefore, it is important to hire vent cleaners who will get rid of these pollutants purifying the air from harmful substances. Such services enhance domestic comfort even as they boost HVAC efficiency, extending its lifespan thereby keeping us away from sick buildings.

Affordable Air Duct Cleaning Services

Omex Cleaning provides the best duct cleaning service in Melbourne at the most affordable prices. They provide thorough cleaning and repair services for ducted systems to ensure users live or work in hygienic environments. Their prices are competitive and allow everyone to breathe fresh air. If need be, they can provide immediate assistance. In addition, they carry out exhaustive cleaning to remove any dirt, dust, or filth that may have accumulated, thus improving air filtering and circulation within a building. This results in healthier surroundings and enhances ducts’ efficiency while reducing energy use.

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Why Choose Omex for Duct Cleaning in Melbourne?

Our team of specialist duct cleaners in Melbourne consists of trained professionals who dedicatedly help you with your availed cleaning services. Keeping customer requirements and satisfaction as the top priority, our experts strive to deliver top-class services. Hence, we have a good number of customers choosing us time and again for more services.
When you search for “duct cleaning near me” we have some good reasons you should choose us for your next cleaning service. Below are some reasons that contribute to the trust of our customers in our services:

Our Melbourne Duct Cleaning Process

Ducts can be a bit of trouble to clean thoroughly from time to time, but for a professional, a job is never too much. Doing it with perfection is what we aim to deliver to meet our customers’ requirements. Our South East Melbourne air duct cleaning team works on the cleaning service in a meticulously planned manner, strictly following the steps and hygiene routine. There is a 4-step process that we adhere to as stated below:

Step 01

A thorough inspection is carried out to check the device and all the parts and sections of the duct. The professionals pay a visit to your residence and evaluate the working performance of the device to ensure that an appropriate cleaning method is used.

Step 02

After the inspection, we take apart all the grills and air filters to clean them better. All the dust, dirt and debris particles are cleaned with an active cleaning agent.

Step 03

Next, our experts for ducted heating cleaning Melbourne insert a hose inside the duct or vent along with a rotating brush head for effective cleaning. After cleaning the duct, its supply point and return filter are cleaned with proper equipment.

Step 04

In the end, we sanitise the heating or cooling system with a natural compound that leaves your ducts clean and fresh. The hygiene and safety of your family are taken utmost care of during this process. Hence, the process will not adversely affect your health in the best cases.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaning the air duct or having its system maintained at regular intervals might seem useless and a waste of time and money. But it is, in fact, vital to do so if you want your air system to run for an extended period and keep your surroundings healthy. You can read this blog 5 Signs your property needs professional duct cleaning.

Although you can clean the system ducts on your own, it can sometimes be a hassle. Also, it does not ensure that the system has been cleaned effectively and correctly, especially without proper equipment. Hence, it is better to trust this job with a cleaning service expert.

Here are some of the major benefits you get when you get your system cleaned by a professional at air conditioning duct cleaning Melbourne:

All Types of Ducted Heating Cleaning Services in Melbourne

No matter which corner of Melbourne it is, the job is never too much or too little for our experts to aid you. We have our branches in all locales to offer heating duct cleaning Melbourne services.

From cleaning to duct repairing, our professionals are trained for all types of systems and duct replacement cleaning jobs equipped with the latest tools and technology. Here are some of the ducted heating cleaning Melbourne services provided by our professional team.

Equipment We Use for Duct Cleaning

As the technologies have evolved, the equipment for duct cleaning in Melbourne has also upgraded over time. With new cleaning technologies and companies using electric and gas-powered models, the equipment is majorly operated by professionals. 

Our heating duct cleaning Melbourne experts are given proper training on how to clean ducts with the correct tools and techniques. The models we use for duct cleaning include portable models such as three-piece electric units and gas-powered units.

It is advised to have an annual maintenance or twice a year so the affected areas stay clean and the problem doesn’t resurface. It also prevents any pests from causing damage to the system since they are removed during the cleaning.

Trusting such troublesome jobs to our professional team can help you save both your time and money. You can expect a perfect and satisfactory duct cleaning service that will improve the efficiency of your systems as well as the hygiene of your surroundings. 


Maintenance Checklist for Duct Cleaning

The team for ducted air conditioning cleaning Melbourne has put together a checklist you can go through to ensure that your ducts and vents are being cleaned properly. The maintenance checklist for system duct cleaning is as given below

While our professionals will take care of all the cleaning, the list might help you locate which services are included in your availed service. If you have any queries, you can contact our experts at any time about our duct cleaning in Melbourne options.

Post Checklist in Terms of Professional Duct Cleaning

Our professionals for Air Duct Cleaning & Services Melbourne will assuredly clean your system in the best possible way. Whether it is a hot or a cold system, the experts are well-trained in handling any type of device and system. You can visually inspect the site and the cleaning during service.

Here are some checkpoints to look out for when you perform the inspection post duct cleaning.


The checklist guides you on what to expect from the cleaning service. It also helps you check whether the cleaning services are well taken care of by the professional. You can also let the team know if you require any other extra services. There are no hidden costs, and we will convey any extra charges beforehand.

FAQs about Duct Cleaning

While cleaning the ducts of a heating system, one must take care of a few things initially. First, ensure that your system is fitted with a good-quality air filter and change it twice a year. Proceed to remove the vent grates, wash them in warm soapy water, and then dry them thoroughly. Retrieve any big particles from the bottom of the vent and gently vacuum away any remaining dust and debris.

The average cost for heating duct cleaning Melbourne service for a general household falls within the range of approximately $200 to $500. The duct cleaning cost in Melbourne is calculated based on the type of duct system, the number of air vents, floor or ceiling ducts, CO2 level testing, etc. Additional factors include accounting for other services that are availed, such as sanitisation, deodorisation, etc.

You can start cleaning the air conditioner vents after turning off the air conditioning unit. Remove as many dust particles as possible with the help of a vacuum cleaner. For the remaining dirt, mould and debris, use a damp cloth to wipe it all off the vents. You can also have it cleaned thoroughly and sanitised through our professionals for ducted air conditioning cleaning Melbourne experts.

Absolutely not! It is instead rewarding and beneficial. Having your ducts and vents cleaned regularly may save you a lot of charges in electricity bills and utility bills as it makes your device more efficient and expands its life span. It can also keep the surroundings healthy and hygienic to avoid typical health issues.

Yes, Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning is totally worth it. There are many things you cannot do at which the professionals are better. Also, many health benefits are associated with duct cleaning as it also reduces your bills and future issues within the system. All these advantages ultimately make Duct Cleaning really worth the cost and time invested in it.

The EPA does not make it mandatory for AC ducts to be cleaned regularly. However, their recommendation suggests getting ducted air conditioning cleaning Melbourne services can be beneficial as they prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

AC duct cleaning usually takes about an hour or two, whereas commercial HVAC cleaning can require a day or longer. The standard air duct cleaning would therefore take roughly three hours. It covers everything from the HVAC unit, central return unit, room air vents, and air ducts.

In most cases, it is the responsibility of the landlord to have the systems and ducts cleaned professionally. Landlords are responsible for providing a fully functional heating system for the tenants. The dust and debris collected within ductwork render a heating system largely ineffective. Hence, cleaning those ducts is recommended to avoid tenant complaints and future issues.

Landlords must mandatorily offer habitable and safe housing to their tenants per the law. Yet, HVAC systems and air ducts do not entirely belong to housing. So, air duct cleaning isn’t mandatory by law, but landlords should not overlook it.

Duct cleaning can be described as the process of deep cleaning your home’s heating and cooling systems. Unlike routine dusting, it aims at removing accumulated dusts, dirt particles or other harmful materials that may be hidden in the air ducts, registers or other parts of such appliances. Through such an activity, it is possible to ensure that there is enhanced quality of indoor air within the house while maintaining the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Vacuuming the vents is one of the best ways to clean air ducts, especially in commercial spaces. It is because air duct cleaning using industrial chemicals or water can spill the dirt and dust around the wall and ceiling.

The best time to clean air ducts is in spring. Otherwise, you can have them cleaned every two years with professional air duct cleaning services. But, clean the air ducts urgently when they appear contaminated or contain dust & debris or signs of mould growth.

Omex Cleaning Services offers one of the best air duct cleaning Melbourne service options at affordable prices! Contact us on (03) 4708 5407 and get a discount today!

Regular duct cleaning allows the air ducts to operate at maximum efficiency without putting a constant load on the components. Dust and debris usually cause obstructions to its airflow, making the system require more power to offer better output.

Research shows regular maintenance or cleaning of the air ducts helps to improve their performance efficiency. It’s because cleaning the dirty cooling coils, fans, and heat exchangers can improve system efficiency output.

Certainly! Professional duct cleaner has various benefits that could help improve the comfort and health of your household:

Efficiency and Expertise Improved by Use of Special Equipment: Cleaners trained in the use of specialized tools can eliminate accumulated dust, allergens or even microbial growth that impair the functioning of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning system. For your own enjoyment this will result in a system that runs more smoothly.

Living A Healthy Life: Cleaner ducts promote a clean indoor atmosphere by reducing allergens such as bacteria and mold. This is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

Energy Saving: Clear ducts enable heating & cooling systems operate at their best level ever seen before. This can possibly reduce utility bills as well as extend the life span of your HAVC equipment hence saving money in long run.


What Our Customer Saying About Us?

Our customers have shown positive duct cleaning Melbourne reviews for our services, of which we boast proudly. You can avail your heating duct cleaning Melbourne service by contacting us on (03) 4708 5407