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Warehouse, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Melbourne ​

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Commercial & Warehouse Floor Cleaning Services Melbourne

We don’t just clean homes and garages. We are known to be one of the best industrial, commercial and warehouse floor cleaning company in Melbourne . Many of our industrial cleaning jobs involve working at great heights.

So, if you are searching for commercial floor cleaning services near me, look no further than our professional duct cleaning company. We can easily manage stubborn stains, grime, and stickiness with the help of our advanced cleaning tools.

Looking for quality Commercial tile, kitchen, concrete, vinyl, Floor Cleaning Services in Melbourne? Our Commercial floor cleaners help to make your floor as shiny as ever.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Melbourne

Omex cleaning services is a leading provider of industrial floor cleaning services in Melbourne. We are experts in handling all types of Industrial & Factory Cleaning Projects. Contact us today for more information.

Factories, warehouses, production areas, etc., need pressure wash, high dusting, and specialised industrial deep cleaning. For that, choose Omex Cleaning Services and book our warehouse floor cleaning in Melbourne.

It requires high-end machines and should be only done by professional cleaners with years of industrial cleaning experience. That’s because making large areas spotless is no cakewalk. However, we can provide you with efficient industrial cleaning in Melbourne.

Choosing us will ensure that your factory or industrial warehouse and workplace remains safe, germ-free, and well maintained with our industrial cleaning services.


The Benefits of Warehouse, Industrial & Commercial Floor Cleaning

There are loads of benefits of hiring industrial floor cleaning services in Melbourne. Warehouses and factories can enjoy a clean and healthy work environment, which is beneficial for not only their employees but their productivity as well. Let’s see some of the advantages of hiring our warehouse & commercial cleaning floor cleaning Melbourne service


Warehouse Floor Cleaning Process

With us, you will get professional and thorough warehouse floor cleaning Melbourne services. We use different methods and processes to clean your industrial & commercial floor and make it spotless and meticulously good. The process we used includes:

Industrial Floor Cleaning Challenges

We even have used various equipment like scissor lifts, cherry pickers, boom lifts, cranes, etc., to clean surfaces that are out of reach. Instead of cracking under pressure, our cleaning team enjoy working in these harsh conditions. We have cleaned inside and outside the boilers and massive building structures along with industrial tops and suspended inside of silos. So, we have worked in situations that are not unique but are completely different from our previous job. However, we have never compromised on the quality of the services and thus follow a certain process even though we face challenges. along with warehouse we also provide commercial duct cleaning services also.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Safety

Industrial cleaning is not the same like other commercial cleaning jobs as some employees in the industry feel that industrial floor cleaning services are more complex, dangerous, challenging, and riskier.

Hence, to keep our staff and clients safe and sound during the factory cleaning processes, we have developed a tested safety system. The safety measurements begin with our safety plans and OH&S policies.

While performing our job on site, we carefully assess the situation and environment, plan and rate each task, formulate and document the methods to eliminate risks. Our staff members are well aware of the safety guidelines they must follow.

We provide our clients with all the details and safety data sheets for each industrial floor cleaner product. We only move ahead with our industrial floor cleaning Melbourne services after passing client tests to keep our staff stress and accident-free.

Power Sweeping and Scrubbing with Omex Cleaning Services

Different types of floors require different types of cleaning. Thus, we offer tailored warehouse floor cleaning services in Melbourne to our customers.

Power Sweeping Industrial Cleaning Services Melbourne

We have been providing power sweeping services for industrial roads, floors, streets, car parks, building sites, etc. for many years. 

With the help of our modern equipment and skilled staff, we have provided our customers with long-lasting power sweeping cleaning services in Melbourne.

Our power sweep will eliminate all the dust, dirt, and debris from your floors, leaving them spotless. Our power sweepers will also vacuum and filter the air to return it cleaner and make your establishment’s environment dust-free.

Power Scrubbing Warehouse Floor Cleaning Melbourne

Stubborn stains, liquid spills, or grease will not stand a chance against our power scrubbing warehouse cleaning Melbourne service. Instead of wasting your time and money on stain scan, you need to hire a professional power scrubbing service in Melbourne.

With years of experience in this industry, we are more than capable of dealing with stubborn stains and deeply-rooted dirt. Our power scrubbing machines are equipped with abrasive brushes that can lift even the most ground-in dirt. With our scrubbing machine, your floor will be dry and clean.

We know messes can occur anytime, regardless of time. Plus, we understand that you need to act immediately in these situations. So, we offer both power scrubbing and sweeping services 24/7, including emergency call-outs for clients that require deep cleaning services in a hurry.

Why Choose Omex Floor Cleaning Services

At Omex, we always believe in customer satisfaction. We are one of the most trusted warehouse, industrial & commercial floor cleaning Melbourne based companies because:  


Specialist Industrial Cleaning Skills

Industrial cleaning is a critical process for businesses and organisations in any industry. It requires specialised skills to effectively clean and maintain industrial facilities while adhering to the highest safety standards.

The experienced industrial cleaning team at Omex Cleaning Services in Melbourne is your ideal source for high-quality, comprehensive services. Our dedicated specialists have extensive knowledge and unrivalled expertise and can handle all major surface preparation and decontamination components.

We offer comprehensive industrial cleaning services tailored to your unique business needs. It may range from deep cleaning production lines and heavy-duty equipment to periodic maintenance. As a result, you can trust us to provide optimal safety conditions while delivering efficient results every time.

Our specialist industrial cleaners possess an array of essential skills for effective job performance. These include:

With these expert skillsets, our team has an undisputed legacy in providing quality service within stipulated time frames. We also ensure maximum hygiene levels near workplaces. So if you’re searching for a reliable partner that can offer professional industrial cleaning services at competitive prices, look no further. Contact us today.

Industrial Floor Cleaning FAQs

Getting your floor sanded and refinished is far costlier than hiring a professional warehouse floor cleaning Melbourne Company. So, call today and get a non-obligatory quote from one of our professionals.

Well, you can still save your floor. You need to take the help of a reliable industrial floor cleaning Services Company. They will help you restore the natural beauty of your wood floors. Contact Omex Cleaning Services and opt for a custom evaluation and free quote. 

No, you need not have to follow special instructions. However, it will be best if you let it dry for a couple of hours.

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