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Omex Curtain Cleaning experts in Melbourne understand that curtain cleaning can make your home or office more comfortable. We focus on cleaning and protecting your drapery or curtain. The required method of your curtain cleaning depends on the type of fabric and any such stains.

Curtain cleaning is very essential if you want to enjoy a healthy environment. On the other hand, it requires a lot of effort to have a perfect curtain. You can use a different way of cleaning your curtains that will help you have a clean and a healthy environment. In our daily lives, it is important to have a perfect curtain cleaning so that your environment is healthy, clean and looks good. However, owing to our busy lifestyle, not everyone can indulge in cleaning curtains in Melbourne. Therefore opting for professional curtain cleaners can be your smart choice.

The curtain cleaning market has boomed in the last few years with many different companies offering their services. Before you make your choice for a curtain cleaning company you need to make sure that they do a quality job and you get your money’s worth. Omex provides A+ rated steam cleaners for curtains in Melbourne.

Why you should clean your Curtains?


Clear the Dust

To keep your home dust and dirt free, curtain cleaning in regular intervals is a must. In addition, the house will be more acceptable, more comfortable, and more attractive. Curtains, like room rugs, act as an air filter, trapping dust from the outside. Cleaning them will reduce the chance of dust allergies and other health hazards drastically.


Decorate your rooms with beautiful curtains

Curtains are attractive home accessories that can dramatically enhance any room of the house. Not only is it beautiful inside, but it also has many benefits depending on its intended use. The design of the room is enhanced by the rich colors and vibrations of the curtains. Clean curtains enliven your room with new life and a pleasant aroma.


Enhances the curtain’s life

Curtains are certainly a great investment. And the last thing you want is to buy them again and again within a short period of time. Regular cleaning, along with the care of skilled professionals, increases the life of curtains. Omex curtain cleaning ensures your curtains remain in good condition for a long period of time.

Why Curtain Steam Cleaning Needs a Professional Service?

We all know that curtains are the filters from where the air enters our house. This air also contains dirt and dust particles. Now, if your curtains are dusty and stained then you’ll be breathing polluted air. This can lead to several health issues for you and your family.

Apart from this, dirty and stained curtains will also take the glamour away from your home interior. So, it is necessary to clean your curtains frequently. However, the main difficulty is that curtains are made up of delicate threads and are of different fabrics.

Additionally, washing your curtains is a time-consuming process. If not done properly, it will ruin the fabric. These are the reasons why you should always go for professional curtain steam cleaning services in Melbourne.

Our Melbourne curtain and blind cleaning services are powerful yet gentle and can penetrate the fibers of your curtain. We will also use natural disinfectant to ensure that home is healthier even after the procedure. For eco-friendly and safe curtain cleaning in Melbourne, choose Omex Cleaning Services.

Types of Curtain Cleaning Services We Provide in Melbourne

At Omex Cleaning Services, you will get your hands on various types of affordable curtain dry cleaning services in Melbourne. With years of experience and advanced technology machines, we have mastered the art of drape cleaning. So, when you choose us, you will be getting

Affordable Residential and Commercial Curtain Cleaners in Melbourne

When you choose Omex Cleaning Services, you will get residential curtain cleaning services for following types of curtains

Along with these, our same-day steam or dry curtain cleaning Melbourne  is one of the most preferred services by commercial building owners for its rapid response and speedy execution. We also offer various drapes cleaning for buildings and institutions like:

We also offer next day curtain cleaning in Melbourne, end of lease curtain cleaning service, curtain dry cleaning along with emergency curtain cleaning in Melbourne as well.

Our Curtain Cleaning Melbourne Process

Cleaning curtains is very important. However, we know that it is a very time-consuming task. Hence, choose Omex Cleaning Services viz. 10+ years old Melbourne Duct Cleaning Company and book structured cleaning services in Melbourne to save your time. Our trained cleaners will follow these procedures to the dot and provide customers with top-notch services:

Curtain Cleaning Cost Melbourne

Curtain cleaning costs in Melbourne are $80-100 for a standard 2m x2m curtain. Price of curtain steam cleaning depends on the size, material, dirt level, and stain. Large curtains cost $15-20 per square metre.

Cost can be one of the most significant factors that can double-cross your mind about whether to get your curtains cleaned professionally or not. Well, that won’t be the case with us as we offer the best and most affordable rates when it comes to curtain cleaning.

The cleaning cost will depend upon the number of curtains you want to get cleaned, how much time has passed since you have cleaned your curtains, and the level of dust and dirt they have. We will strongly advise you against falling into the trap of cheap curtain cleaners. They will end up harming and damaging your curtains’ fabric and cause discoloration.

So, hiring our curtain cleaning Melbourne service will ensure that your curtains, drapes, and blinds are cleaned. If you want to know more about the pricing, just call us on (03) 4708 5407 anytime.

Why is Curtain Cleaning Important?

Your home is a place where you can relax and spend quality time with your family and friends. A place where you can sit on the balcony in the evening and watch the sunset and drink a nice cup of black tea. However, would it still be like magic if you found that your curtains were not completely clean? 

Cleaning the house i.e. cleaning upholstery, cleaning floor, cleaning carpet, etc… is an important task that should not be overlooked. This includes your curtains as well. We must take steps to ensure that our homes are clean. Curtains are also present at your business and offices. Cleaning them will not just make your workplace look and feel better, it will also attract and impress more customers. 

A pertinent question, one that arises, is it necessary to clean your curtains regularly? The answer is Yes! But you don’t need to do it on your own, rather trust the expert hands in taking care of these chores.

Onsite and Offsite Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

We also provide our customers with uncompromising onsite and offsite curtain cleaning services, which will include:


Now, if you choose our offsite curtain cleaning Melbourne service then

However, there are some conditions

Emergency Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Emergency curtain cleaning refers to a service provided by professional cleaners to clean curtains in urgent or emergency situations. This service may be required when curtains become heavily soiled, stained, or contaminated by smoke, fire, water, or other substances.

Emergency curtain cleaning is often used in commercial settings such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces where curtains need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. The cleaning process may involve specialised equipment and techniques to remove stains, odours, and contaminants from the curtains, and the service may be available 24/7 to meet the needs of customers in emergency situations.

Our emergency curtain cleaning in Melbourne is the perfect choice for home or business owners who need to clean their curtains quickly and efficiently without any hassle. Our experienced team of curtain cleaning specialists have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of curtain fabrics.

We understand that one technique may not necessarily fit for cleaning different curtain types. In addition, each material requires different techniques, products, and processes to ensure optimal results. So, we provide customise solutions to suit your specific curtain cleaning needs.

Our emergency curtain cleaning service promises to take care of any stains or spots as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer the same-day curtain cleaning for most cases. But, depending on the job’s complexity, you may have to wait for maximum for next-day curtain cleaning.

Furthermore, residential, and commercial customers can use our same-day curtain cleaning in Melbourne for fast turnarounds. It ensures minimal disruption so you can take advantage of precious time with family and friends or essential tasks at work.

At Omex Cleaning Services, we understand that there are certain situations where time is of the essence. This is why we offer an emergency curtain cleaning service that is specifically designed to cater to those urgent situations where prompt solutions are essential. Whether you have an upcoming special occasion, or an unexpected event has left your curtains in urgent need of cleaning, you can rely on us to provide fast and efficient service.

Our team of experienced and professional cleaners are equipped with the latest tools and equipment, as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise, to ensure that we can deliver the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. We understand that every situation is unique, which is why we offer a tailored approach to each job, ensuring that we meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our emergency curtain cleaning service is available 24/7, so you can rest assured that we will be there for you whenever you need us. Whether you require our services in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night, we are always ready to restore your curtains to their former glory.

So, if you require urgent curtain cleaning services in Melbourne, make sure to get in touch with us at Omex Cleaning Services. Let us be there for you when you require fast and efficient solutions. With our professional-grade expertise and dedication to quality, we are confident that we can deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Melbourne Curtain Cleaners - FAQs

If you see your curtain wrinkled and dirty, steam cleaning can make them fresh again. This method of curtain cleaning is much faster than washing them in a machine and running them through the dryer. To begin the process, first do a spot test: 

  • Fill your steamer with water. 
  • Allow the steam cleaner to heat up. 
  • Now, grab the bottom corner of your curtain, pull the fabric taut, and run your steam cleaner over it. 
  • Leave the curtain to dry. Inspect for any water stains, discoloration, or other damages. If the steam cleaner shows any signs of damage, abort the mission. 

If there are no signs of damage then you can proceed with steam cleaning: 

  • Let your steamer heat up again after your spot test. 
  • Pull a section of the curtain taut and pass the steamer over the curtain in up-and-down motion. 

Using a good quality steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment is one of the most convenient methods of curtain cleaning. This method will save lots of your time as you need not have to take them down and wash them. Just remove the stain and dirt while your curtains are attached with the help of a steam cleaner. If you want to make this process hassle-free then you can choose our curtain steam cleaning services. You can easily clean velvet or chenille curtains with a steam cleaner.

Curtains that are made of silk, linen, or other sensitive fabrics will need to be professionally dry cleaned. Plus, velvet curtains often require dry cleaning. If you’re not sure, test the colour fastness by blotting a hidden spot with a wet white washcloth. If you see the colour transferring to the cloth, then opt for dry cleaning.

For cleaning your curtains effectively and quickly, you can rely on steam cleaner. If you are looking for the best steam cleaners then you can go for:
Karcher SC4 Steam Cleaner
H2O HD Steam Cleaner
Bissell Steam Shot
Bissell Symphony
Bissell PowerFresh 2233F
Maxkon Steam Cleaner

Most dry cleaners do not dye curtains. However, we will suggest you do a spot test. If you want to make thing even simpler, then you can take help of our curtain cleaning Melbourne services.

Mould is a type of fungus that grows in damp areas inside and outside our home. However, dry cleaning may not remove the stains or the mildew. For that, you can always rely on our Melbourne curtain and blind cleaning.

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