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Same Day Ducted Heating Repairs & Maintenance Service in Melbourne

Our ducted heating & air conditioning service repairs Melbourne team ensures you a comprehensive restoration of your ductwork and vents. We work with a team of highly trained experts who are equipped with the latest technology. These tools aid us in repairing every part of the vents and air ducts thoroughly. Our expert team boasts about providing quality service at absolutely affordable prices.

Doesn’t matter whether air ducts are used for heating or cooling, with time they become dirty. These dirty air ducts possess substances that can threaten your family’s health. They can also reduce the efficiency of your heating system. When the air ducts are blocked, airflow decreases, resulting in the heater working harder to heat your home.

Cleaning the heating and cooling channels is one of the most important services you can get for your business. With proper plumbing, your heating and cooling system will last a long time. And if you have faulty or unsafe plumbing, your heating system will not work, or it will stop working altogether. To avoid such situations, you should use a heat sink cleaning and cooling service.

What do our qualified Duct Fixer Melbourne technicians do?

Omex Cleaning Services provide you with a wide range of duct cleaning and repair services for all types of cooling and heating systems. Our professionals are well-trained, certified and knowledgeable about the latest techniques and technologies used for ducted heating repair Melbourne. We update our professionals periodically about the latest technologies to keep them informed. Our skilled technicians are capable of providing the following services:

Why Hire Us For Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne?

When you look up “duct repair services near me”, Omex Melbourne Duct Cleaning Services is one of the reputed companies within the industry with branches all over Victoria. You can trust our professionals with your cleaning and repairing work for any problem regarding cooling, heating, air quality or broken ducts. We work with a highly-effective and certified team to provide our customers with 100% satisfactory services. Here are several reasons you should choose Omex Cleaning Services.

Why Duct Cleaning and Duct repair important?

Over time, air ducts tend to develop cracks and may even collapse. Ductwork repair service can also improve indoor air quality and reduce costly HVAC repair.


Reduce HVAC Costs

If there are holes and tears in the air ducts, the cooling unit will work harder than it usually does due to the continuous air loss through those damaged areas. By repairing your ductwork you can both increase its lifespan and reduce the need for expensive HVAC repairs in future.


Improved performance

To keep your home dust and dirt free, curtain cleaning in regular intervals is a must. In addition, the house will be more acceptable, more comfortable, and more attractive. Curtains, like room rugs, act as an air filter, trapping dust from the outside. Cleaning them will reduce the chance of dust allergies and other health hazards drastically.


Better Indoor Air Quality

Damaged ductwork often draws dirt from the heating and cooling system. As air is permeated throughout the house, it mixes with these pollutants, which is dangerous to your health. With sewer cleaning and repairs, you will enjoy closed pipes that keep dirt out and improve air quality in the home.

Warning Signs: You Might Need Duct Repair Service

The ducts and vents in your heating or cooling system are essential and complicated parts of the units. It may not seem necessary to have them cleaned regularly, but the more hygienic the ducts are, the healthier your environment gets. You can notice some signs if your cooling or heating unit’s system has been degrading and if it needs servicing. If you sense any of these signs for a longer duration, you know you need to look up “duct repairs near me” instantly.

Gradual spike in your electricity bills

If your duct system tends to use more electricity without cooling or heating adequately, it leads to a rise in your electricity cost. This is because the load on the system increases, resulting in more energy consumption. Hence, it would help if you got the ducts repaired immediately to save money and electricity.

Loud Noises from the unit

In case your HVAC system is making a loud, intrusive noise, there are chances something has to be repaired or inspected within the system.

Uneven temperature

If one area in your home or office is unusually warm or cool compared to the other rooms, your duct system may not be functioning correctly. The cooling or heating efficiency might have decreased, which calls for a professional check-up.

Dusty surroundings

If you keep your home or office spick and span all the time yet, there are dust particles everywhere, and they may likely be originating from duct system leaks. This is not to be neglected since the troubles caused by dust particles keep multiplying as time passes.

The smell of mould and mildew

Mildew and mould can grow in dump duct systems. Mould can grow in HVAC systems even when there is an uneven airflow or temperature. You can call our experts to handle mould clean-up and HVAC repair in this situation. We can also help you prevent regrowth and eliminate the musty odour.

Pest problems

It may not be prominent or noticeable at once, but sometimes system clogs are caused due to dead pests or nests of bugs inside the vents and ducts. These need to be eliminated from the system as soon as possible to avoid any further issues.

Different Types Of Duct Repair Services in Melbourne

The services provided by our ducted heating repair Melbourne specialist span many systems. Our professionals are trained to clean and repair air conditioners and heating systems of various brands and types. This enables them to aid you with any issue within your system.

Ducts for various systems differ in many ways and require profound knowledge about the units. Hence, we train our professionals to handle the problems with several different systems. 

Here are some types of ducts that our professionals can repair for a residence or a commercial building:


Duct Restoration After Flood Damage

Flood water can wreak havoc on your system as well as the air ducts and vents. This may even require you to replace or repair the entire ductwork system, which can cost a lot. 

But with the help of a duct repair Melbourne expert, you can have your vents cleaned and repaired using the most advanced tools and devices. These tools assist you in quickly repairing the damaged duct system.

Furthermore, we understand how devastating and sudden floods can be. That is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with emergency duct repair services in Melbourne. 

In case you experience flood damage, you must contact our team immediately. Our team at Omex Cleaning Services can aid you with these damages at the best possible price and guarantees a 100% satisfactory service.


Detailed Process for Duct Repair Melbourne

Are you wondering how the complete ducted air conditioning repairs Melbourne process is carried out? Given below is the whole procedure that we follow to repair the ductwork


Some Great Benefits of Professional Heating Duct Repair

We keep our customers’ needs and requirements as our top priority, and understanding and catering to them is our aim. As a result, we provide Same Day Service – Duct Repair Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

We have recruited a professional team of skilled and experienced experts that arrives at your door within 2 to 3 hours of making your reservation. Our dedicated team of professionals equipped with advanced tools and devices thoroughly cleans and repairs it within a day.

If you need central heating duct repairs Melbourne, you can contact us immediately. We will repair your ductwork quickly and immaculately. Following are some of the significant advantages of hiring professional duct repair experts

Average Duct Repair Cost in Melbourne

Our team of duct fixers is here to provide you with excellent cost-effective duct repair services starting at only $100. The duct repair and duct replacement cost Melbourne relies upon several details such as the type of damage, severity of the damage, a technique used to repair it, the type and number of ducts, and more.  

However, the prices cannot be fixed from the get-go and have to be pre-discussed in case there are extra charges. To obtain a fixed price, you can feel free to contact our services today and request a quote over the phone. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs to requesting a quote. 


Same-Day Heating Duct Repair Services Specialist in Melbourne

Our team at Omex cleaning service understand that emergencies cannot be predicted and need to be addressed as soon as possible.  

For times of urgency, we are here to provide emergency and same-day services for effective and timely duct repair and cleaning.  

We provide trained and certified professionals who work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Our central heating duct repairs Melbourne team arrives at your door within 2 to 3 hours of booking. You can call us and convey the problem in detail. We recognise the urgency and importance of repairing the duct systems, so contact us now for prompt service. 

Our Duct Repair Services For All Regions in Victoria

Melbourne is the capital and the second-most populated city in the state of Victoria, Australia. Being the second-most populous city, Melbourne covers almost 9,993 km2. Our experts at Omex provide affordable duct repair and ducting heating services in Melbourne.  

Our team also expands towards the suburbs of Ferntree Gully, Point Cook, Ringwood, Carrum Downs, Springvale, Werribee, Frankston, Cranbourne, Hastings, Narren Warren, and St. Kilda. 

You can also reach out to our ducted heating repairs south east Melbourne technicians in your locality for a same-day repair duct repair service. 


Benefits of a Properly Functioning Ductwork System

A properly functioning ductwork system is essential to keeping your home healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. Here are some of the major benefits you can expect when you have a properly maintained ductwork system:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

When a ductwork system is well-maintained, it will help to keep pollutants and other allergens away from circulating throughout your home. In addition, it will ensure that the air inside your home is clean and safe for everyone there.

Increased Efficiency

Keeping your ducts in good condition will increase airflow efficiency, reduce energy costs, and make heating or cooling more effective. A well-installed and maintained ventilation system will minimise draughts, heat loss or gain between rooms. It will help to keep even temperatures throughout each space in the building. You will not have to compensate for temperature imbalances caused by leaky vents or poor insulation.

Reduced Noise Pollution

With proper insulation of the ventilation systems, it’s possible to reduce outdoor noise pollution entering buildings. It also reduces standpipe rattle (air movement through grilles), which can contribute significantly to background noise levels. It will make your environment pleasant and comfortable to work or rest. Properly insulated vents will dampen sound transmission between rooms so people will hear what’s happening next door.

Longer Lifespan

Proper maintenance of your ducts prevents dirt accumulation inside them over time. As a result, it makes them last longer without having any unexpected breakdowns due to being clogged up with debris. As a result, it helps prevent costly repairs. Additionally, it reduces wear on HVAC components leading to fewer repair bills.

Our team of skilful technicians will keep your ductwork in superior shape. It will ensure that the air circulating throughout your home or office is always clean and comfortable. So, don’t let poor duct condition cost you. Our duct repair and maintenance service can save time and money by quickly addressing minor issues before they become big problems.


The different types of AC ducts can be repaired in different ways depending on the type of duct and the material it is made up of. You can contact our duct repair Melbourne team to aid you with these repair services through professionals.

If you notice a crack or leakage in the heat ducts of your system, it is always wise to call a professional to finish the repair job for you. Heating ducts are essential parts of a heating system and must be handled with care. You can contact our professional duct repairing Melbourne team to fix the cracks or leakage in the heat ducts of your system at reasonable prices.

A hole in the ductwork can cause leakage in the system and lower the unit’s efficiency. The most effective solution for a hole in HVAC sheet metal is to replace the entire section of the ductwork. But this method is not always possible to implement.

Hence, it is better to always call a professional with the correct tools to help you fix the hole and ensure it does not get cracked again or is not leaking even after filling it up. You can contact Omex Cleaning Services for duct repairs of any kind.