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The heating and cooling units in our homes are used during all the seasons. But during the entire period, dust and grime particles start accumulating on the units. 

This can significantly affect the functional efficiency of the system since the load increases on the whole unit. In turn, it can cause various health and monetary issues for you and your loved ones. This is why timely residential duct cleaning services should not be neglected.

Our highly-trained professionals are here to provide you with some of the best deals and pocket-friendly prices for residential duct cleaning in Melbourne. Hence, no need to hesitate in reaching out to our team in case of any queries or to request a quote.

Our certified experts are equipped with the best technologies and provide a safe and satisfactory cleaning service for any type of air duct cleaning system. We have a dedicated team to guide you through the entire process.

Residential duct cleaning should preferably be entrusted to a professional to ensure the ducts are cleaned with utter care and safety. The highly trained professionals at Omex Cleaning Services are available at your service 24X7.



    The Importance of Regular residential Duct Cleaning

    Air duct cleaning requires profound knowledge about every part of the heating or cooling system. Hence, it is better done when you are equipped with the most advanced tools. These supplies aid you in getting rid of all the dust and debris from the system without leaving any spots. 

    You may be tempted to clean your duct on your own to save that amount of money. However, it is necessary to understand that it is a highly time-consuming, tedious and complex process. And in case of even a tiny mistake, it can cause you more money and time. 

    Therefore, you should leave such a job to residential duct cleaning Melbourne professionals. Professionals who have been trained, licenced and have a deep understanding of the systems can take on this job very quickly. We also provide Duct Repair services in Melbourne. They are also equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows them to clean the air ducts and vents quickly and adequately. A few major reasons to get your ducts cleaned by a professional are:


    These are some reasons for why regular and timely air duct cleaning is required and will benefit you more than you think. You can rely on our experts at Omex Cleaning Services to give you a satisfactory and extraordinary cleaning service for your system. No matter which type of system or issue you are facing, our professionals have a solution for you at the best price possible!

    Signs You Need to Get Regular Duct Cleaning Services

    Do you feel the air at your home is not as clean as it should be? Do you think your air conditioner is not cooling as effectively as it did previously? Then, it is probably time you had your cooling or heating checked by a professional. These are obvious signs that you need a professional cleaning service for your unit.

    There might be more reasons you need to get a regular air duct cleaning service done. We are listing a few signs that might tell you why you need to get your system cleaned.


    If you may notice any of the above signs, there are chances that the ducts in your home require a thorough clean-up. However, our Omex Cleaning Services team is here to facilitate you with duct cleaning in melbourne to give a healthier home for your family.


    Our Detailed Residential Duct Cleaning Process

    Our team runs through a complete and authentic procedure for residential duct cleaning in Melbourne. We aim to deliver the best services and experiences for our clients. Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities when we follow our procedure.

    If you are wondering how we go about the entire process, we have it broken down into four steps that are chronologically adhered to. This helps us facilitate you with an excellent cleaning experience and a healthy environment.

    Here are the four steps of our residential air duct cleaning process in Melbourne:


    All these procedure steps help us to keep your system clean, hygienic and more efficient. The process also depends on many other factors such as the type of system, which parts need cleaning, how dirty it is and if other issues need immediate attendance.

    We provide cleaning services for cooling and heating systems, split systems, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial sites. Our team and professionals are also available for same-day cleaning service. We keep customer satisfaction and complete cleaning as our primary mottos.

    What are the Perks of Residential Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne?

    Cleaning tee vents and ducts of your residence cleaned at regular intervals is absolutely necessary, even if it is a small apartment. A dirty vent or unit can create issues because of harmful biological or chemical contaminants, inadequate ventilation, and impure indoor air quality. This can cause significant health issues such as breathing problems, headaches, itching eyes, dry throat, etc.

    Systems with ductwork such as heating and cooling units are complicated and have delicate and small parts. These parts need to be taken utmost care of to keep them functioning with complete efficiency.

    Getting professional help from residential duct cleaning Melbourne services can be more beneficial than you might think. Some of the most significant benefits of regular residential duct cleaning are listed down below

    We are here at your service with any type of residence and keeps your sweet home safe and healthy. The residential duct cleaning services offer a wide range of services for different systems at affordable rates.

    Our expert team of cleaners use some of the best tools and technologies to keep your surroundings and system clean. 

    We ensure to use safe materials to clean the air ducts and vents so that you and your loved ones are safe too. 

    Residential duct cleaning Melbourne guarantees you a 100% secure, reliable and satisfactory cleaning service for any type of air duct system.

    Why Choose Residential Duct Cleaning Services from Us?

    When you look for ‘residential duct cleaning services near me’, Omex Cleaning Services might be one of the top companies for residential duct cleaning Melbourne. We have gained an industry reputation because of our reliability and quick services.

    Our customers have returned time and again because of our cleaning services due to our 100% satisfactory ratio. We have a lot to offer you with our professional cleaning service. And here are a few great reasons for you to choose our residential air duct cleaning Melbourne


    We have been offering all types of residential and commercial duct cleaning services for more than 25 years. The requirements and safety of our dear clients are what we keep above everything. Do not wait anymore and contact our team to hire a duct cleaning professional. You can entrust our expert to get your ductwork cleaned most effectively and keep your home fresh and hygienic.

    How Often Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

    Omex Cleaning Services understands that air duct cleaning frequency varies depending on several factors, such as the size of your home and the climate. Manufacturers recommend that residential air ducts be inspected and cleaned every three to five years. However, commercial buildings require more frequent checks due to higher occupancy rates and heavier use.

    When professionals inspect air ducts, they look for contamination or blockages caused by dust, mould spores, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. If they find any potential hazards, they may perform a deep cleaning service inside the air duct system to improve indoor air quality and remove potentially hazardous contaminants.


    Regular inspections, even without noticeable problems with airflow or odours, can help identify hidden issues before they become health risks. Moreover, regular cleaning prevents dust and debris from accumulating in your duct system, which can lead to poor indoor air quality and health issues. Additionally, regular cleaning can increase energy efficiency by ensuring that your HVAC system is working correctly and not blocked by dust build-up in the ducts.

    At Omex Cleaning Services, we take utmost care of your ductwork and use specialised vacuums and brushes to remove any dirt that has built up over time safely. We prioritise your safety and comfort and perform our job without creating a hazardous dust cloud inside your home or business.


    Same Day Residential Duct Cleaning Services

    Our same-day duct cleaning services are the perfect choice for busy households. At Omex Cleaning Services, we understand that time is of the essence, so our experienced technicians arrive within a couple of hours of your call. We will ensure that your air ducts are treated safely and efficiently.

    Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to reach every corner of your vents and ductwork precisely. It will enable us to ensure that no debris or build-up goes unnoticed. Thanks to our powerful vacuums, all dirt particles are quickly removed from the system while preserving its integrity. This method prevents future clogs in your residential buildings without causing additional damage or disruption.

    At the end of each job, we perform an air quality test to ensure no residual particles are left behind. It means you can rest easy knowing that your indoor environment will be free from potential health hazards caused by the circulation of poor air quality.

    We also offer a fast and effective solution for households with emergency needs. We use the latest technology and high-powered equipment, guaranteeing that your home’s ventilation system will become cleaner within 24 hours.

    Overall, investing in our same-day residential duct cleaning services offers homeowners numerous benefits, including improved indoor air quality, lower energy bills and peace of mind knowing their HVAC system is well looked after by expert hands.

    Residential Duct Cleaning FAQs

    The average cost of residential duct cleaning in Melbourne starts from $150. But the ending cost may differ based on the type of systems, the services availed, the size of the systems and residence, the number of vents and more. You can contact our team to know more about the costs of the services you require and wish to avail yourself.

    You can clean the residential air ducts by removing vent covers and washing them. After removing the vents, cover the openings with paper towels and loosen the dust particles. You can then vacuum the fine dirt and debris. You can wipe out the microbes and bacteria with a wet cloth before changing the air filters. Then replace the vent cover after the clean-up is finished.

    As per experts, it is advisable to have your air ducts of heating or cooling systems cleaned professionally once or twice a year. This helps to keep your system working more efficiently and produce pure and healthy air too. You can get in touch with our cleaning experts at Omex Cleaning Services at (03) 4708 5407.

    On a general basis, a regular-sized home or apartment’s air duct cleaning in Melbourne can take approximately 2 to 4 hours. That is, with at least two technicians present at the site to take over the cleaning process. Bigger homes, villas or houses with more rooms and those with pets may take longer hours to clean depending on other factors.

    Request A Quote!

    You can reach out to our residential duct cleaning Melbourne team to avail any cleaning and repairing services. Our dedicated team is available 24×7 to help you with your queries and issues. You can also request a quote via phone call at any time. There are no hidden charges, so don’t keep your system and loved ones waiting!

      We provide localised cleaning services throughout Melbourne with the aim of making home and office clean effortlessly.

      We only provide the most effective cleaning services to make your properties clean, fresh, hygienic, and attractive.

      We understand your needs and requirements. Thus, to help resolve your every query, we are available 24/7 at your disposal. 

      If you think cleaning services will cost you a fortune, then think again! Omex is here to serve you without pinching your pocket.