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A simple mopping won’t present you with spotless floors. For polished and immaculate floors, you will need detergents and equipment. And we at Omex Cleaning Services offer you just that. Our Cleaning Company offers a wide range of floor cleaning services to our Melbourne clients.

Floors ducts might seem like a minor part of the property but they are subjected to a lot of dirt and grime. This dirt and grime can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked. This is where a good floor duct cleaning company can come into play.

Indoor pollutants resulting from floor vents can seriously affect you. It usually contains: dust, cigarette smoke, molds, chemicals, airborne pollutants, bacteria, animal dander and carbon monoxide. This pollution then spreads throughout your home or office and negatively impacts the health and well-being of you, your family, or your employees.

It is an important part of any eco-friendly and clean property. While we might think that we are doing a good job cleaning our houses, we need to know that we can do even better. There are some things that we might be doing that we didn’t know were actually harmful. Therefore, in such cases having a professional helping hand is very ideal. Trust Omex expert cleanings services for getting your floor ducts professionally cleaned.

Floor Ducts have a very important function throughout your property. It is important that you provide a clean environment for your children, families and pets. Floor vents can be the last thing on your mind, but it needs to be done. Ductwork can be polluted with dust, dirt and other contaminants. As the air in your house is dissipated, particles are released into the air. If you notice your family sneezing or have a runny nose your floor ducts may be the cause.

Why is Floor Duct Cleaning important?

No matter how vigilant you are with regards to cleaning the rest of your house, dust and other pollutants will still settle on your ducts and floor. These pollutants will build up over time, getting deeper into the ducts, making your house even dirtier than before. This is why you need to call the floor duct cleaning Melbourne experts to take care of the cleaning for you.


Why do You Need Professional Hard Floor Cleaning?

Cleaning a hard floor is not as simple as residential cleaning. You will need professional help as these types of abrasive surfaces are harder to clean.

Even if you mop them, there will still be dust and grime particles stuck in the tiniest of spaces. If you mop them regularly, floors will lose their shine and look dirty.

The best-course solution for you is to get a professional floor cleaning. Lucky for you, Omex Cleaning Services will provide you with exactly what is needed for your floor. 

With the help of modern machinery, eco-friendly chemicals, and years of experience, we offer tailor-made timber, wooden, and vinyl floor cleaning services in Melbourne same day. 

Our Floor Cleaning Services

A simple mopping won’t present you with spotless floors. For polished and immaculate floors, you will need detergents and equipment. And we at Omex Cleaning Services offer you just that.  

Regardless of the floor make, material, and condition, we will come and make your hard floors squawky clean. Our same-day floor cleaning services will benefit store and business owners to get their property clean without harming their business. 


How We Perform Floor Cleaning in Melbourne?

The cleaning process will differ from one property to another. Your property may require a specialized regime or regular maintenance along with professional care. All types of floors like wooden, vinyl, epoxy, timber, hard, ceramic, etc. require regular cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing.

To provide our customers with shining flooring in their home, we at Omex Cleaning Services includes following steps in our floor cleaning services:

What’s the Cost for Floor Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

The cost will vary from service to services. However, when you choose Omex Cleaning Services, you need not worry about cost as we offer quality floor cleaning in Melbourne at a very reasonable rate.

For prices, you can check our detailed price list to get more information. By calling or chatting to one of our representatives, you will also get the clear picture regarding prices. So, when in need of a floor cleaning, give us a call!


Why Choose Us for Floor Cleaning?

Choosing us will not only give you crystal-clear floors but will also ease on your bank balance. With us, you will get tailored floor cleaning in Melbourne that will be perfect for the specific type of floor you have. 

We have all the advanced equipment and detergent that are necessary to make your floor shine once again. We have rotary machines with fitting pads, tile and grout cleaning tools, wet vacuum cleaners, etc. to deliver our clients with quality floor cleaning services.

Floor Cleaning FAQs

If your warehouse tends to get cluttered with large debris, search for a cleaning company like us who provides you with a cylindrical-type scrubber cleaning service. It will capture those large pieces while scrubbing.

Try dust collection filters to decrease the amount of dust and debris that is released from process equipment. If you still have a dusty warehouse floor then you can avail our hard floor cleaning in Melbourne service. Our tailor-made industrial vacuum will ensure maximum dust control.

Don’t clean industrial floors by yourself. Instead, seek professional floor cleaning services providers like us. We will help you with deep cleaning to remove heavy soiling with the help of wet scrubbing. This will ensure that all the oil and grease marks are eliminated along with encrusted dirt.

For both general as well as routine maintenance, do regular sweeping and vacuuming. It will help you get rid of dirt and dust that assembles over time. Then, clean the floor with a damp mop, neutral detergent using a figure-eight motion.

To clean vinyl tile floors, mix cider vinegar with hot water. Then, apply the solution with a damp mop. You can also boost its power by adding a few drops of dishwashing soap. With this, you will be able to remove grime, floor stickiness, and can be a great option to clean vinyl floor without chemicals.

Firstly, sweep the floor to remove large and small debris. Then, prepare a diluted solution of the chemical products required. Apply the solution to the floor and let it sit. Then, remove it from the floor with a deck brush. Or you can make this process hassle-free by calling us and choosing our same day floor cleaning service in Melbourne.

To clean commercial linoleum floors, you will need to make a solution. Add a gallon of hot water, one cup of vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap. Sweep it before you use the solution. Clean the floor with the solution. Once you clean the entire floor, mop once again using clean water to remove any remaining traces of baking soda or soap residue.

To clean commercial ceramic tile floors, you can use scrub brush to scrub the grout. After scrubbing, mop the floor, rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. For stubborn grout stains, you can take help of our professional hard floor cleaning Melbourne services for a seamless cleaning experience.

Epoxy floors are tough, resilient, and very durable. If you follow some ground rules, they are very easy to maintain. Do not use soap-based floor cleaners as they will leave a haze on epoxy flooring that builds up over time. If you want to remove tougher spills without harming the floor, give us a call.

Commercial floor cleaning involves: 

  • Sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming
  • Cleaning with chemicals and degreasers 
  • Rinsing 
  • Drying, and 
  • Applying protective layer

Combine equal parts of vinegar and water and pour it into the spraying bottle for easy use. Now, when you want to clean bathroom tiles, spray the solution and let it sit overnight if possible. Clean the surface with a sponge or brush and scrub the area to remove the stains.

You can try various methods to keep the hard floors clean. However, choose professional cleaning services for better results. We at Omex Cleaning Services will provide you with effective and reasonable floor cleaning in Melbourne.

The best way to clean vinyl plank flooring is to
Rinse it with a solution made of ACV or white vinegar and water.
Then, mopping the floor in the direction of the planks.
It will remove dirt, grime, and stains without leaving behind streaks or a sudsy mess.

To deep clean vinyl floors, you can rely on apple cider vinegar. The acidity in the ACV will remove the dirt and grime without leaving a buildup of soap or wax. Or you can just get our vinyl floor cleaning Melbourne services.

What our Floor Cleaning Customers Say

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