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Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

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Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Our experts are well equipped with the latest technologies and safest chemicals to thoroughly clean your couch, sofa, furniture & belongings yet maintain its fineness. This is where Omex Upholstery Cleaning services in Melbourne comes in. We can take care of your upholstery as our own. Customers are our asset and their 100% satisfaction is our priority. Now you can get rid of that red wine stain on your couch or coffee stain on your sofa.

Upholstery Cleaning is the process of cleaning the textile interiors, such as fabric headrests, couch, sofas, fabric curtains and the like. An upholstery cleaner is a professional cleaner who cleans the upholstery. You can also call an upholstery cleaner a furniture cleaner.

Cleaning isn’t an exciting task, but it can be very rewarding once you have a knack for it. As a resident of the 21st century you have jobs to do, business to run and a lot of tasks and engagements to attend. So, would it be a good idea to engage a professional cleaning agency to do your cleaning? Yes it can be a great idea only if the cleaning agency is able to deliver satisfying cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning helps you to


Save money

You may have invested heavily in your upholstery, so you want to keep it. By keeping it in good condition and cleaning it in a regular interval, you can keep it going for years, saving you money over time.


Keep it like-new

Taking care of your upholstery keeps its functioning over time, which gives you a cozy and comfortable place to relax and get into. Even a high-quality fabric can show signs of damage if left unmanaged.



Keeping your furniture clean will retain its appearance, keeping the colors bright and the graphics as appropriate. Cleansing and eliminating stains and odors; dirt and grime are very important if you have pets.


Healthy environment

Air quality can be improved by cleaning your decorative items, eliminating problems such as mould, dust, carbon dioxide and allergies. Your soft material is a breeding ground for bacteria, and germs and dirt build up.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Process

Omex is one of the most acclaimed companies for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. We provide customers leather and fabric cleaning and stain protection services. Our technician will follow a pre-defined process to provide you with the best upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. Our process includes: 

Our Experience In Sofa/Couch/Upholstery Cleaning Services With Many Benefits

Have you tried cleaning your upholstery and couch by yourself? Well, getting the same results as professional cleaning companies is complex. So, this is when you book our reliable sofa, carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Victoria. 

Here are some of the benefits you will gain after choosing same day upholstery cleaning Melbourne services:


General Tips to Keep Your Upholstery Cleaned for a Longer Time

Getting professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne is probably the best way to increase the life span of your furniture. It will give your home or office a brand new look and leave everyone feeling fresh and welcoming.
However, after our upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne are done, and we hand you over the furniture, you need to maintain it. For that, we will provide you with some tips to keep your upholstery and couches clean for the long term.

Clean your Upholstery Lightly regularly

If you do some basic daily cleaning, you will be able to fend off the build-up of some unwanted materials. Even if the dirt is not visible immediately, things like dust, germs, stains, allergens, and bacteria will accumulate in your upholstery over time.

Using an upholstery cleaning machine like a vacuum cleaner weekly can make it easier for you to maintain its health between each professional cleaning.

Turn Cushions Frequently

A simple trick like turning over the loose cushions can extend the life of your upholstered furniture. Changing their places can also ensure even more usage as some seats are more use than others. You should also fluff them regularly after a professional cleaning as it will help keep them in shape.

When Not Using, Keep Your Furniture Covered

To cover, you can use a sofa cover or a slipcover to protect them from dust and dirt. A piece of fabric draped over or tucked into a sofa will do the job. You can also buy a new cover or convert one of the blankets, sheets or tablecloths into a sofa cover.

It will take care of the sofa, armrests, and cushions and absorb the daily wear and tear along with dirt. Plus, you can change out or wash the slipcover as often as you want. You can also play with different colours and patterns to decorate and change the look of the place.

Use An Upholstery Protectant

Using a protective agent for your couches and upholsteries can be a great idea to prevent spills from reaching deep down into the fibre and becoming stains. It will work as an invisible plastic sheet, making it easier to clean your upholstered furniture and keep them unspoiled.

Avoid Exposure to Pollutants

Place your furniture in such a way that the upholstery does not get damaged. Avoid extended periods of exposure to direct sunlight and place them near uncovered windows. Even rainwater spray and other airborne pollutants like kitchen smoke can harm the materials and cause them to fade and fray.

Keep your home well ventilated

If your home has proper ventilation, you need not worry about odour control. Odours will even weaken the foam of your upholstery. If you see initial signs of dampness, deal with it effectively.

Why Couch Steam Cleaning is Important?

Cleaning your couch professionally is necessary as it will remove dirt and stains from the regular wear and tear. It is a very efficient and good choice for cleaning them in an environment-friendly manner.

Regular couch steam cleaning in Melbourne will also help you extend the lifespan of your couches and sofa sets. When you get an upholstery steam cleaning service, the technicians will use steam generated with water to perform the cleaning in contrast to other chemical methods. Hence, it is not only safe for the environment but also for your family.

Some steam cleaning machines also allow the cleaners to use cleaning solutions, which are sprayed along with the water. This will enable efficient and thorough cleaning. These sprays are used when you want to get rid of any odour or stains on the couches.

So, if you are looking for general upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne, only a steam jet can prove to be the best upholstery cleaning machine. You can give Omex Cleaning Services a call to get the best couch steam cleaning in Melbourne.


What To Expect From Our couch cleaner Melbourne?

Omex Cleaning Services is a big name for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. So, hire us if you are searching for “upholstery cleaning near me“. Our technicians are well trained and use advanced equipment to finish the cleaning work efficiently, and we are providing Duct cleaning service in melbournce since 10+ years. Thus, when you choose us, you can expect to get real value for your money in the form of excellent services for upholstery & couch cleaning Melbourne. 

Other reasons why you should choose us for upholstery steam cleaning in Melbourne are

We are the Experts in Fabric or Leather Couch Cleaning & Other Services

Couches are challenging to clean as the stains in their fabrics will settle quickly and become hard to remove. Plus, you also have to consider the presence of pets or kids while cleaning your sofa.

Your standard methods will not be enough to clean your fabric couch thoroughly. This is why you will need our professional and reliable upholstery cleaning Melbourne service. Our experts will clean and sanitise the fabric and leather of your couch in the best way possible at minimal prices.

Apart from regular couches and upholstery, we can also deal with cotton and linen fabric. These are some of the most sensitive fabric, so you don’t want to ruin them by trying DIY cleaning solutions. If not done correctly, these natural fabric are prone to watermarks, stubborn stains, time cellulosic browning, etc.

So, no need to take risks when you can help eliminate all the problems with your cotton or fabric couches by using our tried and tested methods. Our fabric upholstery cleaner provide solutions and we help you professionally clean all the greasy stains, oil, dirt, and debris from your special couches without causing any damage.

Our prices will depend upon the condition and size of your upholstery and couch. For more information, call us on (03) 4708 5407 or fill out the form on our website. We offer special carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne like:

Apart from regular upholstery cleaning, we also offer:

Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important?

You read your favorite book and take naps after a long day of work on it, ask friends of children to do a sleepover into it, and then use it to watch shows and play games. What are we talking about? Your furniture, and it’s upholstery, to be more precise. Because you spend a lot of time in your daily life on or near your furniture, upholstery cleaning is just as important as regular carpet cleaning.

From your leather sofa to your suede lounge chair, keeping your upholstery clean and functional should be at the very top of your to-do list. Here’s why and how you need to keep your space happy, healthy and clean all season long. Upholstery is one of the most valuable and useful things in your home and does its job remarkably. Stained or dirty upholstery will do precisely the opposite. Despite being one of the most used items in your home, it is often overlooked.

This can lead to dirty, dusty, and odour-spreading upholstery. To prevent it from happening, we are here to help you. Here we will tell you why upholstery cleaning is essential.


We Clean All Types of Stains from Upholstery

We know that viruses and bacteria will spread quickly in places where they can live comfortably. Our upholsteries are one of those places. Hence, to avoid that, you should take the help of a professional upholstery cleaning service. Our professional cleaning services will keep these unwanted contaminants out of the place before they damage your furniture. We clean all types of stains from upholstery like:

Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

Upholstery cleaning in Melbourne starts from $30 per seat. However, it will depend on various factors like the size of the couch and the time between the last services.

To clean antique velvet upholstery, you can use a vacuum cleaner, absorbent cloth, soap and water or special upholstery cleaner and a soft brush. However, you need to be extra careful while cleaning velvet upholstery. It will be better if you hire professional upholstery cleaner in Melbourne.

DIY upholstery cleaning is perfect for touch-ups and can effectively remove many food stains and other minor imperfections. It will also ensure that the stains don’t set and become permanent. However, if you are looking for deep cleaning, it is better to hire carpet and upholstery cleaning Melbourne companies.

Yes, definitely. It is always worth deep-cleaning upholstery before you replace your old and dull furniture. Additionally, dust and grime can build up over time, especially if you have kids or pets. This can lead to health complications. A professional deep-clean can remove this build-up and save you from medical bills.

Yes, you can clean your upholstery with vinegar. Vinegar is one of the most potent natural stain removers for most types of upholstery

Yes, our dry cleaners will not only clean your upholstery but will also sanitise it.

Dry cleaning is less effective than steam cleaning. In dry cleaning, the effectiveness of the process will depend on the solvent’s quality. It is also less effective in collecting dirt from the carpet than steam cleaning.

It is pretty simple: all you need to do is to pick up your phone and call on (03) 4708 5407 and book our carpet and upholstery cleaning Melbourne service. It is affordable and efficient and will make your upholstery and carpets brand new!