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Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne

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At Omex, we provide commercial duct cleaning services across melbourne with experienced team of cleaning experts. They are equipped with latest technologies and training of effective techniques. Our team works dedicatedly to ensure a smooth, functioning, hygienic heating and cooling unit at your commercial property.

Commercial buildings and structures have high requirements for heating and cooling systems. And while they are used during the changing seasons, the systems might start deteriorating after a while.

A healthy and clean HVAC unit is essential for any business in Melbourne. However, if the systems are left unmaintained for a long time, they start collecting dust and debris. This can, in turn, affect the commercial building’s health and hygiene.

This is why experts advise having your systems maintained or cleaned once or twice annually. The cleaning not only gives you a fresh breath of air but also improves the efficiency of your system, saving you on your bills!

But it is always better to have an expert professionally clean your HVAC system with the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that the units are thoroughly cleaned. Omex duct Cleaning Services can be an excellent option to consider while you search for ‘commercial duct cleaning near me.

Affordable price range and satisfactory service are a combo never to be missed. You can contact our team at +0416014793 for any queries or to request a quote.

    Detailed Commercial Duct Cleaning Process

    Commercial air duct cleaning Melbourne takes care of the cleaning in a meticulous manner. If you are curious about how we go about the entire cleaning process, we have four steps that sum up our whole duct cleaning and maintenance process. These steps are strictly adhered to and keep everyone’s safety above all. Here are the detailed steps on how our service functions:

    Detailed Evaluation

    After you lodge a clean-up request, our highly trained commercial duct cleaning Melbourne specialists will visit your residency or building and perform a comprehensive evaluation of the air duct system.

    Once the whole system has been adequately assessed and examined, the cleaning experts will devise a customised plan to eliminate all the dust and debris in your ductwork unit and improve its efficiency.

    Duct Cleaning Process

    As per the results of the inspection, our commercial duct cleaning Melbourne expert will discuss the entire cleaning plan before the implementation. This is to keep you informed about each of the processes that will be performed to clean your system.

    After that, our professionals will clean all the dust and debris build-up using advanced tools and technology. They will also ensure that a good quality agent is used to remove mould spores and other allergens.


    As soon as the system is cleaned and deodorised, our commercial duct cleaning Melbourne professionals will conduct a final assessment. The post-assessment of your air ducts and HVAC systems ensure that everything is working smoothly and there are no further prevailing problems with the system.

    These steps are followed while sticking to all the safety measures and using the best possible materials. You can entrust our professionals to provide you with an incredible experience.

    Sanitisation and Deodorisation

    Sanitisation and deodorisation are done once everything is thoroughly cleaned. Our professionals use industrial-grade sanitisers to sterilise the entire system so that all the microbes and disease-causing pathogens are eradicated. Also, essential oil or any other air freshener is used to keep the air fresh and fragrant.

    Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services for These Industries

    Our air duct cleaning Melbourne services span out to a wide range of commercial sectors. We use the most efficient techniques and the most appropriate tools required for each structure and site. Hence, the cleaning service is not compromised for any different type of industry and you are delivered a first-class cleaning service as well.

    Understanding your and your infrastructure’s needs is what we excel in. Here are some of the industries Omex Cleaning Services can serve.

    The Importance of Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning

    It is necessary to get your vents and ducts of the commercial residence cleaned at regular intervals. Some significant causes of sick building syndrome are biological contaminants, chemical contaminants, inadequate ventilation, and poor indoor air quality. Studies show that the indoor air seems to be getting worse, causing issues like difficulty breathing, headache, itching eyes, dry throat, etc.

    Ensuring proper indoor air quality is necessary to keep you and your employees healthy. This can require you to update your systems, keep interior spaces clean, and maintain proper air ventilation. Regular commercial duct cleaning services can help you eliminate harmful elements such as pollen, mould, fungi, bacteria, dust mites, and other pollutants that can degrade the indoor air quality. It can also help you in the removal of any pests or rodents that are stuck in the system without your knowledge.

    Our air duct cleaning Melbourne service is here to help you with any commercial site and keep your surroundings safe and healthy. The commercial duct cleaning services offer a wide range of services for all systems at affordable rates. Choosing a professional over a non-specialist can be more beneficial when it comes to such tough jobs.

    Our expert team of cleaners uses the latest technologies and safe materials to clean the air ducts and vents. Commercial duct cleaning Melbourne guarantees a safe, reliable and satisfactory cleaning service for your entire business structure air ventilation systems.

    Emergency Duct Cleaning Service for Commercial Properties

    We understand sense of urgency and value your time! Do your heating and cooling ducts needed to be cleaned earliest possible?

    If you want to get your melbourne’s commercial property duct cleaned on emergency, Connect Omex Duct Cleaning on (03) 4708 5407 now and get your duct cleaning booked. Our professional as well as team of expert duct cleaners will help you out to get your commercial duct cleaned on your time.

    You can also connect us for Emergency Flood damage restoration in Melbourne.

    Why choose us for Commercial Duct Cleaning?

    The air ducts are vital to any heating or cooling system, be it for a small apartment or a tall conglomerate building. These air ventilation units need to be cleaned at least once a year to ensure it is free from any dirt or debris particles.

    But if you try to take on the job yourself, it is likely that some particles in regions that are difficult to reach do not get cleaned properly. 

    Hence, such jobs are better done when trusted to a professional who is well trained and knowledgeable. Our commercial duct cleaning company have experience also in residential duct cleaning in melbourne for years.

    The commercial duct cleaning Melbourne team has been well-trained, well-equipped, and very cooperative. 

    The experts will also guide you with some precautions and measures to ensure that the unit’s operational efficiency can be maintained or improved.

    Our clients place immense trust in our cleaning services. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for our air duct cleaning Melbourne.


    You can reach out to our experts regarding any duct cleaning services for commercial infrastructure. There are several services we provide, and there are no hidden costs to be worried about. Our experts work closely throughout the project and aid you during the entire process. So, there is no need to ponder over it and call for an enquiry or to request a quote.

    What are the Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning?

    Getting your duct cleaned and maintained regularly has more benefits than you might think. The air duct cleaning Melbourne helps you maintain a healthy working environment for you and your teammates. Omex duct cleaning services have a lot to offer you, and here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy while with us.

    Type of Ducts in Commercial Property

    Ducts are essential to commercial buildings, offering ventilation, temperature control, and air circulation. There are three main types of ducts used in commercial property:

    Sheet Metal Ducts

    typically consist of rigid metals (such as galvanised steel or aluminium) with secure fittings attached to grills or diffusers. They are ideal for carrying large volumes of air. You can install them in various spaces, like crawlspaces, attics, hallways, and basements.

    Flexible Hose-Type Ducts

    These ducts usually consist of flexible fabrics such as vinyl or canvas reinforced with metal ribs. The flexibility allows them to be routed through tight passages while delivering quiet operation and low drag coefficients. It makes them the perfect solution when space is limited, or more extensive runs are needed (such as connecting multiple heating or cooling units).

    Round Pipe Ductwork

    This type consists of two concentric pipes which provide insulation from outside noise and reduce energy costs by improving airflow efficiency. They also take relatively little space compared to sheet metal ductwork but require more planning during installation due to their curved shape.

    Overall, the choice between these three types depends on the needs and budget of a particular project. But all duct types offer reliable performance when providing ventilation within commercial properties.


    Commercial Duct Cleaning FAQs

    A vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of the dust and dirt from the unit and remove any fine particles that are stuck. Appropriate brushes must be inserted into the ducts to dislodge dirt and debris lodged on the interior surfaces. The unstuck dirt and debris then travel down the vents into the vacuum and out of the system. This work can be difficult for a layperson. Hence, you can reach out to our air duct cleaning Melbourne professionals.

    Generally, commercial duct cleaning costs are higher, with fees ranging between $75 and $150 per hour. The ending cost would be calculated based on the length and scale of the job.

    We do not have any hidden fees. And any extra charges will be conveyed beforehand to keep you aware. For any further queries, you can get in touch with our team to find out more.

    Various components of the commercial duct system (precisely ducts) will be cleaned and serviced in ductwork. It includes cleaning or servicing of supply and return air ducts, coils, drip pans, fans, air handling unit, filters, pipes and many more parts.

    Our trained air duct cleaning professionals use blowguns, air whips, and air skimmers. Gas-powered HEPA filtration electric vacuum, air scrubbers, negative air machines, mold and floor remediation vacuums, dehumidifiers, and moisture meters are tools we use to keep your workstation hygienic.

    Give Us A Call Now!

    There is no better option when you have Omex Cleaning Services in Melbourne to help you with the entire commercial duct cleaning. Be it a corporate building, a school or hospital or even a government site, our team is available for you 24×7 during any time of the day. Contact us now at (03) 4708 5407 for any queries or to request a quote.

      We provide localised cleaning services throughout Melbourne with the aim of making home and office clean effortlessly.

      We only provide the most effective cleaning services to make your properties clean, fresh, hygienic, and attractive.

      We understand your needs and requirements. Thus, to help resolve your every query, we are available 24/7 at your disposal. 

      If you think cleaning services will cost you a fortune, then think again! Omex is here to serve you without pinching your pocket.