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Flood Restoration Melbourne ​

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Water & Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

Restoring your house back to prior condition after a damage from flood can be a long, arduous process. Leaving it to an inexperienced flood restoration personnel can make it even harder. Therefore, trust only the expert flood restoration companies for your house. Contact Omex, the Flood Restoration Experts in Melbourne and after water extraction get your home proper just like before water damage!

If you have been through a flood, it’s important to know your options and what you can do to start to return your home back to normal. Omex Cleaning Services will help you with the insight on the ways you can restore your entire property and help you move on from the natural disaster that has struck your home. 

About 40% of Melbourne residents try to recover their water-soaked carpet, furniture, or ducts on their own without hiring any Professional Carpet cleaner. This actually damages their properties even further.

We offer Following Flood Restoration Services in Melbourne

We at Omex Cleaning Services have the experience and tools to provide you with the best-in-class flood damage restoration in Melbourne. Our fast response and 24/7 emergency flood restoration services make us one of the best in Australia.

To make our customers’ life easy and hassle-free, we offer the following flood restoration Melbourne services


Benefits of Hiring Our Flood & Water Damage Restoration Melbourne Company

We at Omex Cleaning Services focus on the complete restoration of your property. Below mentioned are the benefits of choosing us for flood damage restoration in Melbourne

Our Flood Damage Restoration Process

Our skilled cleaning and restoration services Melbourne technicians are certified and experienced in managing all types of water and flood damage to your Melbourne home or business. We follow a ten-step water damage restoration process to provide our customers with top-notch services.

We follow the process detailed below so that you know what to expect when you choose our flood damage restoration Melbourne services.

The very first step of our process is always to assess the damage. We will use specialised tools and monitors to map out the extent of the damage.

We will carefully plan the water extraction, drying, cleaning, and restoration program that will be needed to address the specific water damage that has affected the client’s property.

We at Omex Cleaning Services will provide our customers with detailed water damage restoration outlines to your insurance company. This will help you support your insurance claim. Here, we will provide you with estimated costs and the time required for the different parts of the restoration program.

With the help of special water extraction vacuum tools with a significant amount of airflow and vacuum pressure, we will lift the maximum amount of standing water possible. We will be able to significantly reduce secondary damage and positively affect the amount of drying time needed to bring the building and its contents to stable moisture content.

We use eco-friendly antimicrobial treatments to sanitise, control, and reduce the infestation of bacteria on water-damaged and adjoining surfaces. This will help you protect your property against secondary problems of mould and mildew. We use air filtration devices to eliminate wet odour and filter air quality. This machine mitigates the discomfort caused due to reduced air quality.

Our special air movers, dehumidifiers, and other equipment have custom options to manage airflow, temperature, and humidity. We use different aspects for different classes and categories of water damage. We control these elements to dry wet carpets, water-damaged underlay, and other building materials such as timber and concrete in the most efficient manner. If the situation asked for, we lift the wet carpet and underlay to maximise drying of these carpets and affected subfloor.

With the help of advanced drying systems, we dry walls, beams, joists, and other structures that require industrial strength drying. We use these techniques when using the air driers is out of the question.

Right before we start the water extraction process, we will move all the furniture and other valuable items from the nearby area of the water damage. This will be done to save them from being damaged or to lessen the damage.

When moving is not possible, we uplift furniture and valuables to minimise water absorption and damage. For rugs and water-damaged carpets, we can offer you offsite drying and cleaning.

Our flood restoration Melbourne service is performed by certified technicians skilled enough to manage restoration programs end to end. Our experts can perform various duties, from demolition work to the removal and relaying of floorboards. We will also organise for rebuilt, re-plastered, and repainted structures.

We will not leave you halfway as we will monitor the restoration program from drying to cleaning, repairing, rebuilding, and handover. If we find the need for alterations, we will do so on each monitoring visit. Plus, we will keep you informed on our process and report any issue upfront with a detailed plan to tackle the situation.

Once everything is done, we can provide a final report of the work undertaken and the justification behind the actions taken. It will assist you with insurance claims and lend you a quicker and smoother settlement process.

Why Choose Omex for Emergency Water & Flood Damage Restoration?

Flooding of water needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Hence, we provide our customers with reliable emergency flood responses. Choose us, and you will get

Why is Flood Restoration Important?

Without immediate recovery from water damage, flood-prone areas could pose significant health risks. If your home has recently been flooded or there has been another incident where areas have been damaged by water, it is important that things dry out as soon as possible.

Here are a few reasons stated for you as to why you should get a flood restoration done ASAP!


Flood Restoration Cost in Melbourne

Cost is one of the fundamental factors that will make your decision on choosing a expert flood damage restoration company in Melbourne. However, when you choose Omex, you need not have to pay astronomical money to get your home restored after the flood.

We understand how hard it is for you to get your stuff re-established after facing the calamity. Hence, we give less priority to money and emphasise providing the best restoration services to our customers at cheap rates.

You can connect us on (03) 4708 5407 for cost estimate.

Why Hire Professionals for Flood Damage Restoration?

When you suffer flood damage, it is important to call professionals. Flood damage doesn’t mean you need to pull up carpets or throw out furniture. You will need to hire a professional cleaning and restoration service Melbourne Company.

So, if you are searching for flood damage restoration near me, then choose Omex Cleaning Services. We will provide you with industry-acclaimed emergency flood restoration Melbourne services.

Professional cleaning and restoration technicians can return your floors and carpets to their former glory. Their cleaning processes will also include sanitising your floors to kill bacteria and remove allergens. It will prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Another reason why hiring flood restoration specialist Melbourne like us – we can assess the type of water damage and determine what clean-up and restoration services are right for you. By using penetrative moisture assessment probes and thermal imaging detection, they can determine that the property has been returned to pre-damage condition.

Flood Restoration FAQs

Flood restoration cost depends on various factors like the extent of the damage caused by rainwater or flood. Upon booking our service, our expert will visit your place and provide you with a free quote after thoroughly evaluating the damage. If you only want to get your carpet restored after a flood, opt for our specialised water flood damage carpet restoration in Melbourne.

It is a process of removing the water, decontaminating property, and making it safe for repairs after flood in the city. Expert flood restoration company can help you with restoring your home like prior with their experience and skills in the service. Omex is one of the best flood restoration service provider in melbourne.

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