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Hoppers Crossing

  • Duct Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Title & Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Flood Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning

If you are in search of professional cleaning services, look no further than Omex Cleaning Services. We are experts in the cleaning industry, offering quality services. We have catered to the cleaning needs of many clients in Hoppers Crossing, and they have referred us to many of their acquaintances, proving that they have loved our services.

When we undertake a cleaning task, we ensure to carry it out most efficiently and safely. The products we use for cleaning your home are safe for you and your home. When you discuss your cleaning needs with us, we ensure to offer customised solutions at the best possible price. Though our services are reasonably priced, we never compromise on the quality of work. Since we started our business, we have been dedicated to offering high-quality services to all our clients.


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    Services We offer

    Upholstery Cleaning Hoppers Crossing

    Upholstery cleaning isn’t an easy job. This is why many prefer to hire experts to take care of their properties’ upholstery cleaning. At Omex Cleaning Services, we have a team of experts that can handle all your upholstery cleaning needs. Whether there’s dirt accumulated on your upholstery or stains, we can clean all of them using the proper techniques and products.


    Duct Cleaning Hoppers Crossing

    Duct cleaning is essential to ensure the efficient performance of your heating or cooling system. We adopt the proper measures to clean your air ducts thoroughly and keep your systems functioning at their best ability for years. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to clean all types of air ducts quickly. 

    Curtain Cleaning

    Curtains can be the most appealing factor in a room. However, if they are unclean or stained, they can spoil the look of your room. To ensure your curtains look their best at all times, hiring the team at Omex Cleaning Services is advisable. We have the expertise to clean fabric curtains using effective yet safe solutions. When you call us to clean your curtains, you need not worry about them being damaged, as we will take a complete guarantee of cleaning your curtains without damaging them.


    Carpet Cleaning Hoppers Crossing

    Carpets add a lot of elegance to your space. However, since they are walked upon by many, they are subject to get dirtied easily. To keep your carpets looking like new for years, it is essential to have them cleaned regularly. At Omex Cleaning Services, we offer carpet cleaning services to remove dust, dirt and stains from your carpets. You can expect your carpets to look new for years with our custom cleaning solutions.

    Flood Restoration

    If your property has experienced flood damage, get in touch with us for help. We offer flood restoration services to remove the water from your place, decontaminate the area and make it easy for you to get other repair work done. When you hire us for our flood restoration services, we promise to dry your entire place and leave it in a spick and span condition. 


    Duct Replacement

    If your air ducts require replacement. You can count on us. We will inspect your ducts and suggest if they need to be replaced; if yes, we will carry out the necessary steps to change the air ducts and maintain the high performance of your heating or cooling system. 

    Duct Odour Removal Hoppers Crossing

    Your air ducts may stink due to mould and mildew, duct leaks, or plumbing leaks. If you need to remove duct odour, speak to our experts. We can help find the cause behind the odour and work to remove it altogether to give your home a fresh feel.


    Floor Duct Cleaning

    Floor ducts are difficult to clean, and this is why you need experts like us. We offer floor duct cleaning services to ensure clean airflow in your home. With the proper techniques and methods, we promise to provide satisfactory results.


    Our Approach For Duct Cleaning Services In Hoppers Crossing

    One of the top options while looking for “duct cleaning near me” is Omex Cleaning Services. We employ distinctive duct cleaning methods to provide our consumers with top-notch services. The entire process is described below:

    If you want emergency services to repair or replace your HVAC system, we also provide Emergency Duct Repair Service Hoppers Crossing.

    Opt For Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Service Because…

    Do you notice a gradual decline in the effectiveness of your heating or cooling system? Do you need to repair your HVAC system and are searching for “duct repair near me”? Omex provides you with complete solutions for all of your HVAC system issues.

    To prevent problems, your heating and cooling system can be adequately supported and maintained. Regular air duct maintenance and replacement are essential for system upkeep. You ought to go with Omex Cleaning Services for the reasons listed below:

    Additionally, we offer commercial duct cleaning Hoppers Crossing for commercial buildings like hospitals, café, office buildings, shopping centres and various other locations.

    Omex Duct Repair and Replacement Services In Hoppers Crossing For All Types Of Ducts

    Omex offers the Best Duct Cleaners in Hoppers Crossing so you can maintain your health and the health of those you care about. We promise a top-notch service at the most reasonable price when cleaning or maintaining your heating or cooling system.

    Cleaning Experts Glenroy

    At Omex Cleaning Services, we have catered to the cleaning needs of thousands of people. This has made us an expert in the field. No matter what you want to clean your carpet, curtains, bed back or air ducts, you can count on our team of professionals. We promise to offer high-quality services at the best price possible. Also, we ensure to get done with the cleaning task as soon as possible so that you can see results quickly.


    We have the experience to tackle difficult cleaning jobs, making us an industry expert. We have catered to many cleaning needs, which is why we have become a big name in the industry. We have catered to the needs of many clients in Frankston.


    For the quality of work, our prices are affordable. Once you see our work, you will know how reasonably priced our services are. In addition, you can compare our prices to other companies offering quality services similar to ours, and you will know that our prices are the best.


    We know carpet cleaning is different from upholstery cleaning. Our team knows which technique and product would work well for cleaning other things in your home. With our expertise and knowledge, we can offer satisfying results.

    Call Us For More Details

    All our cleaning services are available for residential and commercial properties. If you find it difficult to clean the upholstery, carpets, curtains, ducts and more on your property, speak to our experts. We will design customised solutions for your property cleaning needs and promise to offer satisfactory results. Once you hire us for a cleaning task, you will know how well we can take care of our responsibilities. Then, when the team of Omex Cleaning Services is at work, you can sit back and wait for great results.

    If you have queries about our services or their prices, you can connect with us. We are here to answer all your questions and help you make a wise decision.

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