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Quality cleaning services are the need of the hour. So whether you are looking to clean carpets, upholstery, or curtains in your home or office, you can count on Omex Cleaning Services for the best results. We are a team of experts dedicated to offering quality cleaning services to our clients in Laverton. We have been in this business for years and catered to the cleaning needs of many properties.

Thanks to our latest technologies and techniques, we can deliver satisfactory results to all our clients. So whether you want to clean the carpets in your home or air ducts in your office, you can count on us for the best services!


    We’re available round the clock to resolve your Cleaning queries.

    Services We Provide?

    We undertake various types of services for your residential and commercial properties. Speak to us for services like:

    Upholstery Cleaning Laverton

    We know how much you love your furniture and always want it to look clean. We offer upholstery cleaning services to ensure your furniture looks new for years. Whether there is dust accumulation or stubborn stains, we can take care of it all with our effective cleaning products and techniques. We use safe methods to remove stains to ensure no damage is done to your upholstery. 


    Carpet Cleaning Laverton

    Having fancy carpets in your home is fun. However, there’s a lot of maintenance required to ensure your carpets don’t lose their look and shine. If you feel your carpet has become dull or dirtied, speak to us. We offer premium cleaning services to ensure your carpets look attractive always. No matter how big or small your carpets are, we can easily take care of their cleaning.

    Duct Cleaning Laverton

    Duct cleaning is essential to remove dirt and dust built up. Clean air ducts promise you clean indoor air. Also, when the air ducts are cleaned regularly, they can improve the performance of your heating or cooling systems in the long run. At Omex Cleaning Services, we offer affordable duct cleaning services in melbourne to maintain the indoor air quality of your home or office.


    Duct Odour Removal Laverton

    If your air ducts are stinking, it is time to call us. We undertake duct cleaning and odour removal services to ensure your property stays clean and smells good. There are many DIY hacks that you can use to remove the odour from your air ducts. However, these might not be safe for your systems. Hence, it is best to hire our professionals to care for the foul smell coming from your air ducts.

    Curtain Cleaning

    Do your curtains look dirty? Worried you will have to change them soon as they are hampering the look of your bedroom? Worry not, speak to us about our curtain cleaning services. We promise to clean your curtains efficiently using safe solutions and advanced techniques.


    Floor Duct Cleaning

    Do your curtains look dirty? Worried you will have to change them soon as they are hampering the look of your bedroom? Worry not, speak to us about our curtain cleaning services. We promise to clean your curtains efficiently using safe solutions and advanced techniques.

    Flood Restoration

    Water damage may be difficult to handle. This is when we come in. If your property has experienced water damage due to flooding, contact us. At Omex Cleaning Services, we will carry out the necessary steps to dry out your place and leave it clean. The techniques we use are safe for cleaning and drying your property.


    How Are Our Duct Cleaning Services In Laverton Carried Out?

    Omex Cleaning Services is one of the top results when you search for “duct cleaning near me.” To give our clients the best cleaning services possible, we employ innovative duct cleaning techniques. A synopsis of the complete procedure can be found in the section below:

    To keep your office clean, you can also have our professionals evaluate the systems at industrial buildings. Contact us for commercial duct cleaning in Laverton.

    Why Should You Get Regular Duct Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement Services?

    Your heating and cooling system can be adequately supported and maintained to avoid issues. Your system’s air ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis. There are several benefits to using Omex Duct Repair and Replacement Services in Laverton:

    We also provide the Same Day Duct Repair services so that you can avoid being inconvenienced for too long. Our technicians will visit your residency or commercial premises within 24 hours to begin the procedure.

    Omex Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Service Professionals For Any Duct

    Are you searching for “duct repair near me” to get your HVAC system cleaned? Omex Cleaning Services is the place where your quest stops! No matter if the vents are utilised for heating or cooling, our cleaning specialists can assist you in cleaning any brand.

    What Makes Us Different?

    Cleaning services are important for keeping your home or office clean and tidy. There are many cleaning services that you can use to keep your space hygienically clean. At Omex Cleaning Services, we provide services like `duct cleaning, duct odour removal, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, and more.

    We provide customised solutions

    We listen to your cleaning needs well to design a customised plan for the same. We know that every property is different, and so are their cleaning needs. Hence, we create custom cleaning solutions to give you satisfactory results when hiring us to clean your property.

    We are focused on results

    We aim to offer quality services that get you results. So once we undertake a cleaning job, we give our 100% to get you visible results.

    We are affordable

    Home or office cleaning services can drill a hole in your pocket. However, we offer quality services at affordable prices, so you don’t feel the pinch of hiring experts to undertake the cleaning job in your home.

    Contact Us For More Details

    Want more information on our services? Feel free to get in touch with us. Once we know your property’s cleaning needs, we can suggest custom solutions. We promise to clean your carpets, curtains, and upholstery safely. Once you hire us for your cleaning needs, we promise to give you 100% satisfactory results.

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