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If you consider quality cleaning services in Melbourne that care for your budget as well, Omex Cleaning Services can be your best choice. We provide cleaning services to cater to different cleaning needs of many offices and homes. Our experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible at an extremely reasonable rate.

Thanks to our experience, we can do a commendable job every time we undertake a new cleaning task. It proves that we have a solution for all your cleaning issues. There is hardly anything we can’t do or don’t know when it comes to carpet, duct, curtain, or upholstery cleaning. We aim to provide complete job satisfaction to each of our customers, so we use appropriate procedures and safe products to meet your cleaning needs.


    We’re available round the clock to resolve your Cleaning queries.

    Our Wide Range Of Services

    We provide different services to cover almost all your cleaning needs. Our service range includes:

    Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Duct cleaning is vital for the efficient performance of your heating or cooling system. We inspect, analyse and apply proper measures to clean air ducts thoroughly and make your systems function at their best for a long. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to clean air ducts of all makes and models quickly.


    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpets add a wow factor to your home or office space. However, they are subjected to walking, making them dirty and dusty. Therefore, if you want your carpet to look new for years, you will have to make a point to clean them regularly. At Omex Cleaning Services, we provide carpet cleaning services to remove stains, dust, and dirt. Our tailored cleaning solution can make your carpets look new for years.

    Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    Upholstery cleaning is not easy; many homes and businesses prefer to hire an expert service. At Omex Cleaning Services, we have a specialist team that can efficiently manage all upholstery cleaning jobs. Hence, no matter whether you want us to remove the accumulated dirt on your upholstery or a stubborn stain, you can rely on us. We have proper techniques and products to clean them the way you want.


    Duct Odour Removal Melbourne

    Your air ducts may have a foul smell for various reasons, like mould and mildew, plumbing leaks or duct leaks. We will have to take professional service if you want to know the exact reason and remove the unpleasant odour permanently. You can speak to our expert for instant help. We will find the cause and work to remove duct odour permanently, giving you quality air to breathe.

    Curtain Cleaning

    A cleaned and well-maintained curtain can be an appealing factor for your room. However, if your curtains are stained or dirty, they can spoil the look. You can hire the curtain cleaning team at Omex Cleaning Services to make sure your curtains always look the best. We know how to clean fabric curtains using safe yet practical solutions. We will take complete responsibility for your curtain’s safety, and you will not have to worry about any damages.


    Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne Procedure

    We respond to a plan we created to give you our well-known duct replacement, duct repair near me services with duct cleaning. By doing so, you can be sure that your duct systems are properly inspected and passed the necessary treatments. It naturally occurs without causing collateral damage or compromises as part of our same-day duct repair Melbourne services.

    Detailed Inspection

    We can examine each part of your duct system individually if you prepare a data sheet with the layout and individual characteristics. While we’re at it, our professional team will look for any potential loose or malfunctioning components as well as the causes of them.

    Debris Removal

    Our best duct cleaners team removes the larger particles from your ductwork. It typically contains dead insects, rodents, trapped birds, etc.

    Thorough Cleaning

    The third stage of our duct system cleaning services will use compressed air to remove all dust while taking safety precautions deeply. It will work to get rid of the tenacious particles.

    Cleaning of the Supply & Return Filters

    Fortunately for you, we have everything we might need on the job. Therefore, after deeply cleaning the ducting and replacing the supply or return lines, we will sanitise it.

    Final Evaluation

    It’s crucial to test your duct systems’ performance improvement after completing all the steps mentioned above. Our specialists will monitor the performance output at different levels to determine the full extent of the impact of Duct Repair and Replacement Services in Melbourne.

    Why are Regular Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services Necessary?

    Using a defective duct system can bring about problems that will cost thousands of dollars to fix. Instead, you can avoid wasting money on unnecessary expenses by performing routine maintenance on your HVAC duct systems.

    Air quality is another factor that justifies the need for duct cleaning and repair services. The air you breathe becomes polluted when your ducting has leaks, contaminants, trapped objects, or living things. You may consequently experience chronic illnesses and illnesses.

    Alternatively, having local Omex Cleaning Services technicians perform melbourne duct cleaning near me can stop everything.

    Our Residential Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services

    The best investment you can make is to get complete duct odour removal Melbourne service solutions from Omex Cleaning Services! Thanks to our extensive range of services, all brands of duct systems and central units can be installed, cleaned, repaired, and replaced.

    Evaporative Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services

    The airflow is typically not distributed by ductwork in such air duct systems. But even then, you can rely on us to thoroughly clean them of dirt and grime. Our specialists will use modern equipment to clean the bleed-off system, waterways, and sump. The air filters will be cleaned with dry compressed air to avoid moisture buildup.

    Central Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services

    Even though a local frequently neglect to do so, cleaning the central duct system is equally important. Regular maintenance ensures that the ducting is free from blockages like dust accumulation and other commonly disregarded obstructions. The central unit performs nominally better with regular maintenance than without it.

    Carbon Monoxide Inspection Melbourne Services

    Your vents may leak carbon monoxide if members of your family or staff have started to get sick frequently. Although the gas itself is not particularly flammable or deadly, breathing it can be dangerous. Besides this, it has been shown that its accumulation can draw pests that can infest your ductwork. Schedule an inspection right away to keep them all away!

    Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services

    When the indoor air quality in your buildings improves, your businesses will do better. Preventing bad air is crucial because it can lower morale more quickly than anything else. Moreover, subpar ducting installations are frequent in commercial complexes. To avoid bigger problems later, take care of such issues up front with our commercial duct cleaning services.

    Why People Prefer To Choose Us

    There are many reasons why people trust us for their cleaning needs. Here are a few:


    We have experience in the cleaning service industry and can undertake any job with equal efficiency. Therefore, you can trust us whether you want us to clean your upholstery or make your air ducts odour-free.


    We use modern equipment and safe products to ensure effective cleaning for carpets, upholstery, and curtains.


     We offer top-notch services at reasonable rates, so you will not have to worry about spending a significant amount on cleaning.


    We believe in professionalism, so once you hire us to meet your cleaning needs, we can ensure that you will get satisfaction.

    Book Our Service

    You can rely on us if you find it challenging to clean the upholstery, curtains, carpets, etc., due to a lack of adequate knowledge or time. We will tailor personalised service to meet your property cleaning needs and ensure satisfactory results.

    Once you appoint us to undertake your cleaning task, you will experience how well we care for your things while cleaning them. If you want to learn more about our services and price details, you can speak with us. We will discuss and help you make an informed decision while choosing us.

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