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Home and Office Cleaning Service Reservoir

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Are you planning to get your home or office cleaned? You may be worried about managing cleaning time out of your busy schedule. But why feel overwhelmed when the expert team of Omex Cleaning Services is here to help you. As one of the leading cleaning service providers, we don’t consider any job too big or small.

We can handle the cleaning of curtains, carpets, air ducts or upholstery with equal efficiency. In addition, we have all credentials and expertise required for outstanding cleaning jobs. We use the best products and techniques to offer hassle-free, cost-efficient service. Therefore, you can contact us to find out more.


    We’re available round the clock to resolve your Cleaning queries.

    Our Service Range

    With an aim to provide the best cleaning service to all the residents and businesses across Melbourne, we have extended our services to Reservoir and nearby suburbs.

    After servicing the industry for a long and having worked with different homes and businesses, we can understand that no two jobs can be the same. Each cleaning needs are unique, so we customise them based on our client’s specifications to make our service the best fit. We are experts in:

    Duct Cleaning Reservoir

    Regular cleaning of the air duct improves the function of your heating and cooling system, improves air quality, and promotes smooth airflow. So, there are no reasons for ignoring duct cleaning. We understand that your busy work culture may not allow you to take out some time for cleaning tasks. But why worry when your cleaning partner, Omex Cleaning Services, is there for your help.

    We ensure you 100 per cent satisfaction. In addition, we will make you and your indoor environment breathe fresh air while enjoying your high living standard.


    Carpet Cleaning Reservoir

    Clean, fresh, and well-maintained carpets play a crucial role in creating a unique environment as they are the first things your guest or clients will notice while entering your home or office. Therefore, you should keep them clean and fresh.

    At Omex Cleaning Services, we offer carpet cleaning services for all residential and commercial clients. We use the best product and technique to remove dirt and stain from carpets and make them look new.

    So, if you find it tough to clean your carpet and achieve the desired result, you can speak to us. Our carpet cleaning specialist will turn up at your place to check, analyse and thoroughly clean the carpets without disturbing your daily activities.

    Upholstery Cleaning Reservoir

    The specks of dirt or dust in your sofa can weaken its fibres, causing huge damage over time. Generally, such damages push you to replace your furniture earlier than expected. So why not invest in professional upholstery cleaning? It’s always a better alternative than purchasing new furniture.

    Omex Cleaning Services offers upholstery cleaning services to make sofas, fabric chairs and other furniture look new and attractive for years. Whether your upholstery has dust accumulation or stubborn stains, we can address them with our effective cleaning techniques and products. In addition, you can rest assured that we will protect your upholstery against any damage or tear.


    Duct Odour Removal Reservoir

    If your get stinking from your AC duct, contact us for an instant solution. We have the technology, equipment, and knowledge to determine the exact reason for the unpleasant smell. Then, it helps us to eliminate the issue from its root. You may have tried DIY hacks to remove duct odour, but there are chances that they may harm your system unknowingly. Hence, it is best to hire our duct odour removal specialist to eliminate the smell and enjoy fresh airflow.

    Curtain Cleaning

    Dirty or uncleaned curtains can create an unwelcoming ambience for your clients and guests. In addition, they can hamper your reputation. So, it will be of great help if you keep them clean and well-maintained. You can trust the cleaning responsibility to the experts of Omex Cleaning Services as we have all the techniques and knowledge required for cleaning curtains of any type.


    Duct Cleaning Services Reservoir Procedure

    You cannot do the duct cleaning by yourself. You will need to hire a professional cleaning company to clean your duct systems thoroughly. For that, you can always trust Omex Cleaning Services.

    We are a professional cleaning company that offers transparent and inexpensive duct cleaning services in Reservoir. Our cleaners need to follow a process to maintain the quality of our service.

    Why are Regular Duct Replacement, Duct Repair Near Me Necessary?

    Without clean ducts, we will breathe dirty and allergic air. This can trigger allergies and deteriorate your family’s and employees’ health. For commercial buildings, clean ductwork is essential as it can make or break their business.

    Along with that, here are some more reasons why you should opt for duct replacement and duct cleaning service in Reservoir:

    Our Duct Cleaning Reservoir Services

    Apart from offering you residential duct cleaning in Reservoir, we also provide customers numerous special duct cleaning services like:

    Central Duct System Cleaning

    You can clean your central duct system, but it is not recommended. It can not only yield bad results but can also trigger allergies. Hence, choose our duct repair and replacement services in Reservoir, as we offer reliable and affordable central duct system replacement and cleaning services.

    Evaporative Duct Cleaning Service

    If you want to keep the temperature of your house down in the summertime, you will need to get your evaporative ducts cleaned. Regular servicing from Omex can increase its efficiency.

    Carbon Monoxide Testing Reservoir

    Carbon monoxide can be produced due to barbecues, grills, and gas stoves. CO is a very harmful gas that can cause many fatal health problems. Thus, instead of searching for a cheap duct cleaning near me, call Omex as soon as possible.

    Our cleaners will reach your house, test the CO level, and clean your ducts without delay.

    Commercial Duct Cleaning in Reservoir

    People spend most of their time in offices and factories. Hence, having a hygienic and clean duct system is very necessary. Thus, Omex Cleaning Services offers top-notch commercial cleaning services to our Reservoir clients.

    Our efficient and trained cleaning experts will thoroughly clean your ducted system and provide you with the necessary sanitisation. Along with that, our duct odour removal Reservoir service can also remove any foul smell from your office ducted system.

    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Omex Cleaning Services for cleaning your carpets, ducts, and upholstery items can be your best decision because of the following reasons:

    Personalised service

    We know that all business and house cleaning requirements can’t be the same. Therefore, we customise our service to give you more flexibility. Our cleaning service begins with the inspection. First, we inspect to determine the type of material or fabric of the item to be cleaned and the extent of dirt accumulated. It helps us tailor our service plan accordingly. We use the most suitable technique to solve your cleaning issues.

    Quality Service at an affordable rate

    Cleaning carpets, air ducts, and upholstery are not as easy as most people think. It is time-consuming and requires special equipment and complete know-how. So, we invest in technology and use the latest procedure and machines to deliver the best result. But we also keep your budget in mind while planning and designing our service. So, we have made our services available at an affordable price.

    Satisfactory results

    We promise 100 per cent satisfactory results for all our cleaning services. So, we use top-most quality cleaning products and advanced equipment to offer the best result possible.

    Book With Us

    We make our cleaning service available for all residential and commercial properties. If you find it challenging to clean the upholstery, curtains, carpets, etc., or are not getting a satisfactory result from other service providers, you can contact us. We will tailor personalised service to meet your cleaning needs and ensure satisfactory results.

    Once you appoint us, you will notice how well we take care of your furniture and other belongings. If you want to have more information about price estimation, you can speak with us.

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