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Cleaning services form an important part of your daily routine. It is vital to keep your home and office environment hygienic, refreshing, and tidy. Omex Cleaning Services St Albans provides different cleaning services to keep your space updated. We are specialists in cleaning upholstery, air duct, carpet, duct odour removal, curtain, etc.

We have a team of experts who have been in the cleaning service industry for years. We promise to deliver outstanding results with the latest technologies, safest products, and reliable techniques. Therefore, whether you want to avail of cleaning services for your home or office space, you can trust us for the type of service you expect from a professional cleaning company St Albans.


    We’re available round the clock to resolve your Cleaning queries in St Albans.

    Service Ranges That Make St Albans Rely On

    We undertake different cleaning services for your residential and commercial properties. You can contact us for the services like:

    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Omex Cleaning Services  St Albans for cleaning your carpets, ducts, and upholstery items can be your best decision because of the following reasons:

    Personalised service

    We know that all business and house cleaning requirements can’t be the same. Therefore, we customise our service to give you more flexibility. Our cleaning service begins with the inspection. First, we inspect to determine the type of material or fabric of the item to be cleaned and the extent of dirt accumulated. It helps us tailor our service plan accordingly. We use the most suitable technique to solve your cleaning issues.

    Quality Service at an affordable rate

    Cleaning carpets, air ducts, and upholstery are not as easy as most people think. It is time-consuming and requires special equipment and complete know-how. So, we invest in technology and use the latest procedure and machines to deliver the best result. But we also keep your budget in mind while planning and designing our service. So, we have made our services available at an affordable price.

    Satisfactory results

    We promise 100 per cent satisfactory results for all our cleaning services. So, we use top-most quality cleaning products and advanced equipment to offer the best result possible.

    Duct Cleaning St Albans

    Duct cleaning is essential for removing dust, dirt, and other debris built up in your air duct system. It maintains the hygienic environment of your office or home. In addition, it improves the air quality and protects you from the likelihood of allergic reactions and respiratory problems. 

    It also helps your AC systems perform better with long-term efficiency. Omex Cleaning Services offers duct cleaning services in your St Albans area to improve airflow quality and your living.


    Carpet Cleaning St Albans

    Regular carpet cleaning creates a positive vibe in your living area or reception. It has the power to make or make your reputation. Hence, we recommend our clients clean their carpets regularly. Omex Cleaning Services St Albans is known for undertaking different carpet cleaning jobs catering to the needs of its customers. Thus, you can book with us for quality help and experience its long-term effect.

    Upholstery Cleaning St Albans

    Clean and properly maintained upholstered furniture enhances the beauty of any home’s interior decor. However, it becomes dirty over time after regular use, and you should give it a regular cleaning service. So why worry when our specialist upholstery cleaning St Albans is available for you. We have advanced machines and products that can safely clean your upholsteries without harming their colours and fabrics.


    Duct Odour Removal St Albans

    A build-up of dirt and other materials can impact the function of your air conditioning system. It can create bad odours inside the ducts, circulated throughout your property each time you turn your system on. However, it sometimes becomes tough to remove the bad smell without an expert’s help permanently. So, you seek our professional duct odour removal St Albans if you want to get the foul smell removed from its root.

    Flood Restoration St Albans

    At Omex Cleaning Services, we offer flood damage cleaning services across St Albans. A flood or plumbing issue can cause massive damage to your property. It requires immediate attention o mitigate the effect. You can contact us immediately to get instant service. We will take quick action to prevent further damage and start the restoration process.


    Curtain Cleaning St Albans

    At Omex Cleaning Services, we believe that your impression counts and a dirty curtain can ruin your reputation badly. So, you must clean it regularly to add more value to your property’s aesthetic look. You can hire our curtain cleaning expert St Albans to get the exact solution. We ensure that we will make your carpet look new and help you maintain this look for a long.

    Floor Duct Cleaning St Albans

    Floor ducts attract maximum dust and dirt, which can risk the well-being of your people. Therefore, it is wise to clean it regularly, and if you have not cleaned your floor ducts for long, it is good to hire a professional. We are an expert team renowned for the thorough cleaning of floor ducts. We promise to deliver the best floor duct cleaning experience to all our St Albans customers.


    Our Duct Cleaning St. Albans Procedure

    If you see a sudden increase in your electricity bills or an odour smell coming out of your ducted system, it is time to hire a professional duct cleaning company like Omex.

    We at Omex Cleaning Services provide the best duct replacement, duct repair near me cleaning services in St. Albans at reasonable rates. Our duct cleaners have to follow a pre-defined cleaning procedure. This process includes:

    Why Opt for Professional Duct Repair and Replacement Services in St Albans?

    Getting professional duct cleaning can save lots of money on repair and replacement. Plus, frequent cleaning can also increase its proficiency and reduce electricity bills. Additionally, you will breathe cleaner air, reducing the chances of allergies and rising hospital bills.

    Hence, the importance of a clean ducted system is incomparable. Here are some more reasons why you should get duct cleaning St. Albans company.

    Choose Omex when Searching for Duct Cleaning Near Me!

    A dirty duct will remind you why it is necessary to get your ducts cleaned every now and then. For that, hire Omex Cleaning Services, as we offer a wide range of duct cleaning services at affordable rates.

    Our duct cleaning services include:

    Residential Duct Cleaning in St. Albans: Make your home’s ductwork clean and germ-free with the help of our reliable residential duct cleaning. We use eco-friendly products so that the chemicals are not harmful to your family and pets. You can also get our duct odour removal St Albans service to remove foul smell from your house’s ducted system.

    Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Service: The Air heating system is essential during winter. For that, ensure that your duct system is up and running. Hire Omex to clean, maintain, and increase your ducted system’s lifespan.

    Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in St. Albans: Cleaning the dryer ducted system is necessary to avoid fire hazards in your house. Dead animals and insects can clog the ducts, which can even lead to a fire. Hence act promptly and get emergency duct repair service in St. Albans.

    Commercial Duct Cleaning: Employees spend most of their time in offices and commercial spaces. Hence, getting the commercial duct cleaning St Albans service is necessary. Our cleaning services will not only increase productivity but also decrease sick leaves.

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