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Cleaning Service Thornbury

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  • Mattress Cleaning
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Omex Cleaning Services has been servicing the cleaning industry for years now, which makes it a trusted name across Melbourne. We have formed a strong customer base and gained many repeat customers who love to trust us with their home and office cleaning and maintenance responsibilities. Each time we have succeeded in exceeding their expectations with superior quality services.

In addition, we use the finest quality cleaning products and modern techniques to help you avail of the best service that complies with the Australian standard. All our services are available at significantly competitive prices.


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    Complete Cleaning Solutions

    Our full range of local cleaning services is available to any business and resident of Thornbury. We can help them with any cleaning service they require for their home or office. We have expertise in:

    Some Frequently Demanded Services

    Though we have specialisation in whatever cleaning service we offer for our Thornbury clients, some of the most frequent demand services are:

    Duct Cleaning

    As specialist air duct cleaners, we know the vitality of a cleaned air duct for quality airflow and the proper functioning of your heating and cooling system. Therefore, we recommend our customers regularly clean their air ducts. Moreover/ dirty air ducts can’t circulate fresh airflow. The air will carry dirt and dust particles threatening the well-being of your family, pets, or employees. It can cause overall financial loss and health risks.

    So, as an insightful home or business owner, you can’t ignore professional duct cleaning services. We will send our duct cleaning specialist to check your air duct and determine the type of technique it requires for thorough cleaning to function effectively in the long term. We have complete knowledge and experience working with air ducts of all brands and make. Hence, we can offer our best cleaning technique suitable for your air duct type.


    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning is an integral part of our cleaning services. We have specialisation in it. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the material, design, or colour of your carpet while choosing our cleaning service. We know which technique or product will go for your carpet and choose accordingly. We focus on giving you the best service possible without causing any damage to your carpet.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Most of the upholsteries are made of delicate fabrics, and it often becomes difficult to remove them from the furniture and run them through a washing machine. So, you require an expert’s help to clean your upholstery thoroughly.

    At Omex Cleaning Services, we have experience in cleaning different types of upholsteries, and we know it requires efficiently cleaning all dirt, duct, or stains and providing a new look. In addition, we have an arrangement for specialist equipment and the safest chemicals, which make us capable of delivering the desired outcome.

    We check and analyse material type and fabric to determine the technique or cleaning product so that we can thoroughly clean it. In addition, we focus on cleaning your items so that you will not have to think of repeat cleaning for long, and you can enjoy its restored look.


    Duct Odour Removal

    As a specialist duct odour removal service, we can understand how an unpleasant smell coming out of your air conditioning duct can impact your life standard. It will not help you to continue with your routine activities smoothly. In addition, the foul-smelling office environment can create a negative impression and hamper your business dealings.

    At Omex Cleaning Services, we have a team of duct odour removal specialists. They will check your heating and cooling system to determine the exact reason for the foul smell coming out of your duct. It helps us know the root cause of the issue and plan the treatment solution to eliminate it from the root. Thus, we can ensure to offer the breath of fresh air your office or home deserves. So, let us handle this issue.


    How Do We Deliver Duct Cleaning Services in Thornbury?

    Omex is among the trusted and best duct cleaners in Australia, whose services in Thornbury can protect you from harmful aerosol pollutants. Our services follow a practical safety-first approach in delivering quality cleaning solutions for all types of air ducts.

    Our complete range of duct cleaning services, including our commercial duct cleaning in Thornbury, adhere following the procedure mentioned below:

    Benefits Of Duct Cleaning, Duct Repair and Replacement Services in Thornbury

    Seasons can be unforgiving to your health and also to your air heating or cooling solutions. Ducts can corrode or attract mould, leading to moisture collection or extremely low temperatures, making them work erratically.

    To avoid nasty accidents and breakdown of your duct systems, we recommend that you obtain regular duct maintenance and duct repair services.

    Cleaning and fixing your duct systems, heating or cooling vents, and other components with Omex Cleaning Services also acquires you these benefits:

    We also offer our Same Day Duct Repair and Emergency Duct Repair Services in Thornbury in offices and private residences.

    Omex Duct Cleaning Near Me Can Make Your Duct Systems Pristine

    Obtaining duct odour removal in Thornbury from Omex ensures you breathe clean air free of any odours. But, the benefits of obtaining such treatments with our Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Services also deliver you the following advantages:

    What Makes Thornbury People Choose Us Repeatedly

    Omex Cleaning Services, we use a unique strategy to customise our cleaning services. Our customer-centric approach, knowledge, experience, and keen eyes for details enable us to offer the type of service clients expect from us. It has helped us gain many repeat customers and form a solid customer base in many suburbs of Melbourne, including Thornbury.

    We design and plan our local service catering to the cleaning needs of all Thornbury residents and businesses. Once you experience the difference our service can make in your domestic and professional life; you will realise the reasons why people prefer to choose us repeatedly. Some of the traits that set us apart from the crowd are:
    Expertise and experience
    Safest cleaning products
    Customised service
    Trained and well-equipped
    Access to modern technology
    100 % satisfaction
    Affordable price
    Fast and reliable service

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